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Mickey leads the way on Disney line - The Standard 8/2/05


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  • Mickey leads the way on Disney line - The Standard 8/2/05

    Article from The Standard - August 2, 2005
    Mickey leads the way on Disney line
    Gavin Bowring

    August 2, 2005

    The MTRC's Disneyland Resort Line opened to the public Monday, attracting thousands of curious visitors eager to get their first glimpse of the mega theme park's surroundings.

    The line operates between the Disneyland site and Sunny Bay on the Tung Chung line, both on Lantau Island.

    The trains were designed to promote the Disney brand and for extra comfort.

    Instead of the regular metalic bench seats, the trains' seats have soft blue upholstery. The windows are shaped into facial silhouettes of Mickey Mouse and, for those standing, the handles are designed in the shape of Mickey's head.

    In each compartment there are miniature statues of Disney's best-known animation characters, all enshrined in see-through cases that display them like trophies.

    The Disneyland MTR station is notable for its unique, if slightly odd, aesthetic design. The station's infrastructure is reminiscent of an early 20th-century European railway station, with Victorian-style lampposts and clocks lining the platform and the areas leading up to the station exit.

    The entrance/exit itself, also designed in an old European fashion, is dotted with rows of lightbulbs that enhance the whimsical effect.
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