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Disney tickets distributed unfairly, claims group - The Standard - 8/11/05


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  • Disney tickets distributed unfairly, claims group - The Standard - 8/11/05

    Article from The Standard - 8/11/05

    Disney tickets distributed tickets unfaily, claims group

    A welfare group has accused the Social Welfare Department of acting unfairly in allocating 20,000 free tickets for the underprivileged to visit the Disney theme park.

    Hong Kong Disneyland donated 20,000 tickets last month to the government's Social Welfare Department to give away to the underprivileged, who will be able to visit the theme park on August 30-31.

    However, James Lung, chairman of the Hong Kong Community Development Network, said his organization did not receive any tickets.

    The network is a self-financing and nonprofit organization with 300 disabled members. According to Lung, his organization is not qualified because it does not receive funding from the Social Welfare Department.

    ``I asked about the criteria about which organization is entitled to receive free tickets, but the Social Welfare Department could not come up with an answer,'' Lung said.

    A spokesman for the Social Welfare Department said the network is not qualified to receive free tickets because it does not have any official contact with any one of Hong Kong's 13 welfare districts. The network helps its disabled members to apply for public housing and look for jobs.

    John Chong, a dole recipient, said he is angry at not having a chance of getting a free ticket to Disney, especially as he was a taxpayer for 10 years.
    Full story here: Tickets unfaily distributed
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