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Gummi Bears Vol. 2???

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  • Gummi Bears Vol. 2???

    Anyone know when the next volume of "The Adventures of the Gummi Bears" is coming to dvd???

    I've been waiting for so long!!!

    I absolutely love the show...I used to watch it EVERY SINGLE morning before I went to school back in the early 1990s...I also watched it when it was part of Disney Afternoon...

    Anyone know???
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    Re: Gummi Bears Vol. 2???

    It might depend on when they sell enough of volume 1. I know with Gargoyles, they haven't released Season 2 Volume 2 yet because not enough of Seans two volume one have sold. I'd like a full set of the Gummi Bears DVDs too!
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      Re: Gummi Bears Vol. 2???

      Disney might release Gummi Bears Volume 2 this November along with DuckTales Volume 4 and Rescue Rangers Volume 3.

      Both Darkwing Duck Volume 3 and TaleSpin Volume 3 might come out in August.
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        Re: Gummi Bears Vol. 2???

        I wonder if we get Bonkers, Goof Troops, Wuzzles, and Raw Toonage. P.S. I am surprised that Disney has not released Aladdin the series on DVD yet.
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