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MC Glossary eh?

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  • MC Glossary eh?

    (My first post)

    This idea came to me because the link for a previously existing MiceChat Glossary is dead. I myself have not been able to fully understand a lot of abbreviations & such sometimes. So I knw I'm not the only one.

    Lets hop to it gang! I'll start w/ a few I know:

    DCA=Disney's California Adventure
    POTC=Pirates of the Caribbean
    HISTA=Honey, I Shrunk The Audience
    ToT=Tower of Terror
    BLAB=Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters
    IASW=It's A Small World
    R...DCT=Remember...Dreams Come True (fireworks show)

    umm those are the ones I got off the top of my (very sleepy) head.
    Help would be much appreciated & beneficial to everyone )

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    Re: MC Glossary eh?

    The MiceChat glossary is alive and well here:

    If you have any additions that need to be made, just send a PM to Sir Clinksalot and he can edit it and add!!!

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      Re: MC Glossary eh?

      But, this forum didn't exist until November 2008!


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        Re: MC Glossary eh?

        oh cool its up and running! I had clicked on a link earlier that sent me to a blank page so I thought it was lost.

        Thank you!