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Armchair Imagineering Sub-Forum


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  • Armchair Imagineering Sub-Forum

    I have a lot of armchair imagineering ideas that I really want to share with all of you guys, but there is no clear place to post them. If it was just one ride, we can just post them in whichever resort they are meant for, but what if this is meant to be a new resort completely?

    I would maybe suggest having an armchair imagineering sub-forum, where we can all post our ideas, as well as things like Nautilus's crawl through models.

    What do you think?

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    Re: Armchair Imagineering Sub-Forum

    I think it may be essentially a good idea, but it may be overruled by an uproar like this one... I'm not quite sure what to think... I suppose I'll sit back and see what happens?



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      Re: Armchair Imagineering Sub-Forum

      Here is what dustysage said in a differnt post about this subject:

      f there is enough interest (100 or more votes) I'll add an Armchair Imagineering forum to the Lounge section. I don't think we need a general Imagineering section because those topics are usually real and should be discussed in a specific park forum or Disney Business sections.
      The vote in that thread was 16 yes vs. 4 no.
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        Re: Armchair Imagineering Sub-Forum

        But why in the Disney Buisness section? That doesn't make any sense...


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