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Disappearing posts?


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  • Disappearing posts?

    Is MiceChat now in the practice of deleting posts, such as ones from those accused of trolling?

    I ask this because there are some posts I am no longer seeing in a thread I've been following (What is the DCA remodel missing?). Obviously, the posts in question were against forum rules, but when has that ever meant that the post was outright deleted? That usually meant a Mod/Admin warning, potential banning, etc. But unless I missed something all these years, it never meant the post was deleted.

    Am I missing something here? I know there are other boards that go in and edit or delete posts that are against rules or that the mods just don't like. I hope MiceChat isn't taking that route. I like it here so much because the conversations are largely allowed to stay intact, and only "go away" when they're sent to the Litter Box. Removed posts only leads confusion to the thread, because people reply to posts before they're removed, and then late-comers ask what everybody is talking about, often sending the discussion even more off-course.

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    Re: Disappearing posts?

    Those post were probably moved to the graveyard, which is a forum only mods and admins can see. Not deleted, only moved out of sight. As oyu know, we very rarely delete posts, and 99.9% of those are spammer posts.
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      Re: Disappearing posts?

      Sometimes, while I am checking out New Posts, I have seen a thread disappear. I often wondered where it went. Graveyard. That's a great name for it's destination.


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        Re: Disappearing posts?

        I think it is better to delete a post then to ban a member that's a terrible thing to do to keep someone from this micechat goodnees. Okay if the person is unruly then they can be punished.


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          Re: Disappearing posts?

          We have always moved off topic posts and trolling comments which overly detract from a thread to either the Litterbox or in some cases the "Graveyard". It is rare and usually reserved for sock puppets, trolls, or those who we have contacted regarding the rules but fail to follow them. For some folks, there is no incentive to post by the rules if their posts don't get removed from public view.

          We would much rather post Mod Notes or move to the Litterbox (our usual practice), but that isn't always possible.

          Unfortunately, due to confidentially, we can not discuss the specifics of any particular case or why an individual members' posts were moved or removed. That is between them and the Mods.

          Thank you for the question and for your help and understanding in keeping MiceChat safe, friendly, and on track.

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