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New Forum for Armchair Imagineering?


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  • New Forum for Armchair Imagineering?

    I was wondering if there is any intrest in a subforum where people can post their own ideas for Disney. We all have opinions on what Disney is doing (and doing wrong) at all its resorts. Maybe we could have a place to show what we would do instead? Or, just show general ideas we have that we think could be great attractions?

    Just my 3am thought. What are yours?

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    Re: New Forum for Armchair Imagineering?

    I know this has been discussed before and I am all for it. I'd love to go into the DL forum and be able to read more on the first page than threads that are all tagged with "idea." I enjoy reading the threads, but when you think of MC as a site where new people can come and look for information about travelling to Disneyland or even register and ask a question, the main Disneyland forum appears too cluttered to make sense. (I was actually told something to this effect by a friend that I sent to MC to help plan their trip to DL)
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      Re: New Forum for Armchair Imagineering?

      I brought this up before, and it was completly destroyed, so I doubt the general population here is interested only a month after I last posted it.


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        Re: New Forum for Armchair Imagineering?

        Unfortunately, there does not seem to be enough interest in a whole forum for Armchair Imagineering. This topic comes up about once a month. That doesn't mean that we discourage people from posting their ideas, it just means that we don't need a whole forum for that at this time.
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