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Micechat can harm my computer?


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  • Micechat can harm my computer?

    I never had this happen before and thought I should give you a heads up.

    When trying to pull up the second page (with 50 posts per page) of the thread, Google Chrome pulls up a warning:

    I'm not that familiar with Chrome yet, so I'm assuming this is a normal feature of it and not some sort of malware itself. Please let me know if it's not :blush:
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    Re: Micechat can harm my computer?

    When this happens to me, it's usually something someone has put in their signature, usually a countdown bar or some sort of image.

    Turn off signatures in your User CP and it should solve the problem.

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      Re: Micechat can harm my computer?

      that is the image in pineapplewhipaddict's signature tripping that. You can chose to acknowledge the warning.. or like ceaser said.. you can opt to turn off sigs where most people's images are posted.


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        Re: Micechat can harm my computer?

        Thank you. Glad to know it's really anything to do with MC. :thumbup:
        "The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing" -Walt Disney


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          Re: Micechat can harm my computer?

          Believe me, MiceChat CAN harm your computer. Six months ago, while reading the Disneyland forum and eating lunch, a post of "Secret Jungle Cruise Jokes the Managers Never Let Us Tell" by that notorious ne'er-do-well, Techskip, made me laugh so hard I blew chunks of ravioli & meat sauce all over my Eizo FlexScan L997 monitor. Frantically trying to wipe it off, I knocked it over, cracking the screen. Reaching out to grab it, my iced tea spilled into my brand and-I-mean-BRAND-new Belden Eronomic keyboard. Fzxxt, short circuit, ka-blooie.

          I'm tellin' ya, you read this forum and you kiss your gear goodbye. :crybye:

          EDIT: Oh, all right, I lied -- it was a piece-of-junk Dell monitor. I replaced it with an L997. But the rest of it is really, really the truth. Honest.

          Except maybe it wasn't ravioli. Might've been tuna salad.

          Last edited by Mr Wiggins; 07-29-2010, 09:39 PM. Reason: The truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, so help me Roy.
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            Re: Micechat can harm my computer?

            Hastin blocked that domain, so you shouldn't be getting those messages anymore. MC is perfectly safe
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