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Disney Parade Question


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  • Disney Parade Question

    * Moderators - I didn't know where to put this thread so I decided on this thread. Please move if necessary!

    Dear MC community,
    I wanted to know if it is legal or if I need to require permission to perform a Disney themed parade locally? This would be a replica of one of the current Disney parades and would include the show soundtrack, characters, etc. Is this legal?

    ~ Greenway

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    Re: Disney Parade Question

    You can't use the Disney soundtrack without authorization, and same thing with the characters probably.


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      Re: Disney Parade Question

      Your not really giving enough information about the parade, it's purpose, etc, to answer your question. If you are using someone else's material, songs, corporate owned characters etc, for your own personal profit or the profit of some business or organization, you may be headed for trouble. You really should be contacting a lawyer, rather than checking with a Disney fan site. We're not supportive of stealing Disney Property. If this is really for some legitimate purpose, you really shouldn't have any problem with contacting Disney directly, in the first place, and explaining to them what EXACTLY you have in mind, and seeing if the would support it. That is rather unlikely Disney will allow their characters to appear without some sort of exhorbitant fee. Of course there may be some odd exceptions, such as if the Parade would be organized for the purpose of a fundraiser for CHOC or some other Disney Charity. Even in charity appearances, Disney maintain pretty tight controls on their intellectual property.

      AND Disney has gone after certain people who do attempt to make use of fake Disney Characters, and people who have sold various self produced Disney videos/dvd's for their own person/business profit. On the other hand, there are a handful of Disney Fans, who have written various books about disney and the Disney parks, and some of them have contacted Disney to find out exactly where Disney stands, and what they can legally include in their books, and some of the writers have developed a good relationship with Disney. Some are allowed to printed a limited number of DL photos in their books, others are not, so they end up with their own drawings in their own books. A couple of writers said Disney even reviewed their book, before it went to press, for fact checking, and for correct terminology, not to edit out material, but to make sure certain Disney terminology was correctly used. Point of this is don't be afraid to ask Disney what you can and cannot do. Like I already said, they are the ones you should be checking with.

      That being said, . ..

      Phoenix has an electric light parade, and various groups/clubs/companies can participate in the parade (I'm sure there is an entry fee). But some of the units I've seen in the parade use a variety of songs, I've even heard Barouque Hoedown used occassionally. The Parade is really a not for profit type thing, and they have to have various local businesses sponsor the parade, to help fund it. I doubt that's the type of thing that Disney would really pursue.

      However, whenever I see some obviously fake characters, regardless of where they may be performing, I cringe. If some for profit company would use a Disney Character, they better have Disney's permission to use the characters. Sometimes various companies have their own mascots, I've seen Chester Cheeta in a couple different parades. That's a better way to go, in my opinion, if you don't get Disney's permission and the proper costumes.
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        Re: Disney Parade Question

        Thanks so much for the post!
        Before I start PLEASE don't think I am wanting to steal.
        I myself have been performing in Cirque and Ringling shows and now am apart of a family show and I would never ONCE think of asking without permission. I just want to know if it's legal or not and if it is, who in the Disney depot. I should consult.

        I was really thinking we'd use the costumes of Disney because I too do HATE when I see attempts. Nobody can replicate the magic of the Disney characters.

        I was mainly just thinking of using the parade music...



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          Re: Disney Parade Question

          You could always write Disney at the following address:

          Disneyland Resort
          Attn: Guest Communications
          P.O. Box 3232
          Anaheim, CA 92803-3232

          Good luck!


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