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Multiple Flash animations killing my computer...


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  • Multiple Flash animations killing my computer...

    Not to sound like Steve Jobs but...

    I've noticed lately that the pages are loading with 2-3 or more flash animations at once which has really made it hard to navigate. (and I'm on a fast computer (2.8Ghz Tri-Core) and a fast (20Mb) connection). I've had to resort to using an ad-blocker on the site (I usually had Miceage/Chat set to not block ads as I have no problems with helping pay the bills).

    Anyhow, anyway to set the ad feeds to limit the amount of flash animations to one per-page? (and use static word/jpeg graphic ads for the rest).

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    Re: Multiple Flash animations killing my computer...

    MiceChat has no control over the ads displayed. You can report any performance problems with ads by clicking the "Ads by Google" link found at the bottom of any ad.

    Good to note as well that Ad Blocking software actively hurts MiceChat, it's columnists, and and it's staff.
    -Monorail Man


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