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Reputation comments

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    Re: Reputation comments

    Originally posted by alphabassetgrrl View Post
    I liked the old rep system, where I could leave a comment. I could also quickly leave a little comment for someone, something that *really* didn't need to be clogging up the thread.

    Now that I have to go send them an actual message, I am significantly less likely to do so. I haven't used the new rep system at all other than the one time to try it and see what I thought. Hate it. Like you say, it's sterile.

    So now my choice is to not give the feedback that I would like to give privately or to clog up the thread. I don't like either choice.
    I suppose a lot of people feel this way. However, many are not vocal enough to state their opinion in such a thread like this.

    It takes time to determine whether something is working, and that amount of time has not passed by since the latest changes.

    Only the people who run this site can determine whether their goals have been met. Only the members can determine whether or not they feel that their opinions matter. Using the system, or not using the system is a personal choice. Too bad, that abuse of the system has taken away personal responses for MiceChat's members.


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      Re: Reputation comments

      Originally posted by aashee View Post
      I used to love leaving rep for both reasons, there were people that were good for the site and people that weren't. Frankly now I don't care, it's sterile and PC. It feels like a polarized fansite, not a group of friends. I come here for information, not to check up with people I really care about. Sure there's still a lot of people I enjoy discussing Disneyland and other topics about, but it's not a site I crave going to.
      The clique that made up most of the DL Micechat locals back in 05-08 aren't active on the site anymore. I mean, I don't even recall sunday meet threads anymore.. I can certainly see how many would see that changing of the community as a negative. It's something that happens tho.. people lose interest, focus, life events, etc.

      Not sure what lead to most of those people moving on tho. I guess the site is less of a 'DL lifestyle' site now and more a DL news/activity site.


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        Re: Reputation comments

        people come and go. Sometimes I'm on here, sometimes Facebook. I miss a lot of the "old crowd" but life moves on. After a while you notice the cyclical pattern of threads. A lot of discussions tend to repeat themselves, similar sides and all. It gets interesting when it's a new topic based on recent Disney events. As to the "feel" of Micechat, it sways between positive and negative depending on the topic at hand.

        I continue to enjoy the ability to see negative rep. I've strayed a couple times, and those points are a reminder of what was said. The irony is that sometimes a comment was made in jest to an old friend, but the typed word doesn't convey the emotions.

        Leaving a personal message is always easier then limiting a message to a pre-determined bubble. The problem I see is that a member might select a bubble as the "best fit" and a Mod may toss it thinking it "doesn't fit". At least with a personal message the intent was easy to determine.
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