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How do I give someone "reputation"?


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  • How do I give someone "reputation"?

    I realize this is probably not necessarily the appropriate place to ask this question, but there have been some folks I've been dealing with lately who have been soooo helpful to me that I want to give them this "reputation" thing I have seen a little bit of... but don't know how to do it.

    And no, I do not mean that I want to give them "A reputation"!

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    Re: How do I give someone "reputation"?

    It's the little "helpful/unhelpful" star to the left, at the bottom of the post. If you click it you can choose "helpful" to give reputation.

    By the way, I think there is a section for questions about the forum, just so you know in the future. I'm sure a mod will move this question to the appropriate section, since this is the Disneyland section.

    I hope that this helped!

    EDIT: here's the link for the section to post questions about the forum:
    Just in case you need it again in the future.


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      Re: How do I give someone "reputation"?

      Click on the helpful/unhelpful button on the bottom of that users post. It will then give you options.
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        Re: How do I give someone "reputation"?

        Thanks, all, and yes I'm sure it will get moved. Or even deleted is ok because I now have the answer to my question!!!!
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          Re: How do I give someone "reputation"?

          And remember our FAQ's is a wealth of info, plus you can always PM one of the staff or use the "contact us" button if you have a question.

          MiceChat FAQ

          And specifically....

          Helpful Posts Reputation

          And remember....

          What about discussing reputation with other members?

          The giving and receiving of reputation is not to be discussed with other members under any circumstances. This includes thanking members for reputation or bringing attention to reputation you feel you did not deserve. Posting about, or leaving messages about specific reputation are grounds for disciplinary action including infraction points and/or suspension. Please use the ‘Contact Us’ page to inform us of a problem or abuse of the system. Bringing up abuse of the system with us in private will allow us to confront the member using the system inappropriately and correct the issue. However, bringing up the issue in public or breaking any other site rules may instead bring the disciplinary action upon yourself. Please take advantage of the Dispute process in order to allow us to help you. This will make the system, and our community, stronger.

          Since the question was answered, we'll go ahead and close this thread.

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