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Idea: Micechat Podcast


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  • Idea: Micechat Podcast

    I recently have listened to many diffrent Pod Casts done by other fan sites, And an Idea arose. A Micechat Weekly Podcast Talking about certain ideas brought up within the weeks articles and Round Up, and even certain lounge topics.

    I know that something Like a Pod Cast takes time to create but It seems like it would be a neat addition to the site. and may even bring another aspect of Personality to the boards and Maybe haveing Board members as Guest hosts. and have call ins and all the jazz like that.

    Well i wanna hear your Ideas on.....this idea and I want to know what you would think about a Micechat podcast

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    Re: Idea: Micechat Podcast

    Great idea Hisbro. Please excuse me for taking the idea to a new level.

    My idea is to do something that nobody else has done. There are many Disney podcasts out there but I don't think there is one out there like this.

    Everytime a new Micechat podcast comes out it is hosted by someone differant. Each time a new member takes his/her turn sharing their latest experience from a visit to a Disney park anywhere in the world (even Paris, Tokyo, and Hong Kong). And this can be done in any creative way they choose, whether done after the visit, or recorded while at the park.

    We love trips reports here on MiceChat. I think a podcast would take these reports to a whole new demension. When I go to Disneyland for the first time in twenty years I want to share my experience with everyone here, not just those who are close enough to come out to the meet or whatever. Thus I want to share my trip with everyone in this podcast format.

    Is this a good idea?
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      Re: Idea: Micechat Podcast

      I love the idea but they also do take time to make. And correct me if I'm wrong... but software too?


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        Re: Idea: Micechat Podcast

        Interesting idea, but would MC actually host the podcast or use a third party site? Bandwidth could be an issue.
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          Re: Idea: Micechat Podcast

          I think a Micechat podcast focusing on Micechat and the Micechat community would be cool. Basically it could be like an extended version of the round-ups but with more detail.

          For example, I have no clue about the lily belles, the Mac the Chicken phenomenom, or many other parts of micechat that have REALLY long threads lol. The podcast could interview people from thos threads and give listeners insight on what those threads are all about.

          The Sunday meets would be really cool too (although some of the stuff probably shouldn't be aired on any broadcast :whistling )

          Cool idea, but it sounds like a LOT of work.


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            Re: Idea: Micechat Podcast

            I don't have the foggiest how a podcast works, but if one was introduced for Micechat, and it was possible for me to help, I'd have a blast with it, I'd listen to it all the time.

            So.. good Idea or bad idea?

            Good Idea!
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              Re: Idea: Micechat Podcast

              I would love to take part in hosting such a podcast...I have a lot of experience in hosting traditional type radio shows, and know at least something about putting a show together...and I have lots of interviewing experience...about 25 years worth in fact. I'll support the concept in any way I can...and do what I can to learn the technology...I'd definitely like to be at least one of the hosts.

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                Re: Idea: Micechat Podcast

                I work on a podcast called FIRSTcast about FIRST Robotics. (

                What we use is Ventrillo, a server, Audacity, and AIM to do a show. Ventrillo is a free communications software that uses the server (we could also use Google Talk), and then Audacity is a free app that lets you record all the audio coming into your computer, and edit it. AIM to converse during the show.

                You get everyone's audio file, edit them down, and then publish! The main problem is getting an RSS feed and hosting.
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                  Re: Idea: Micechat Podcast

                  We have been looking at doing a pod cast for quite some time. I think you all will be very please with the final results. When the time comes, we'll let you all know.

                  Until then, if any of you have previous Pod Casting or Radio experience and would be willing to work on the Pod Casting crew, please send me a PM.

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                    Re: Idea: Micechat Podcast

                    Hey thank you all for looking @ my thread...I am glad I was not alone in the Idea....also having dusty saying something like that is reassuring


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                      Re: Idea: Micechat Podcast

                      When I did my one good segment for itm I used audiacity, he hays he uses it too, lol freewear rocks!

                      You could also use skype to talk over ip, or yahoo....


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