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MiceAge Links?


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  • MiceAge Links?

    I posted this before, but heck if I can find it. Things move pretty fast around here...

    I'm wondering why there are no links from MiceChat to MiceAge at all. There seems to be a ton of ways to get from MA to MC (The round-ups, at the end of each article etc) but not in reverse.

    I'd love to see a link back to MA in the original post when Al opens a thread about a new article. ie. Today's MC thread about Kevin Yee's newest article should have a link to the story itself...

    Seeing as how a lot of us are on MC because of MA, it would be nice to see the reciprocation...

    My two cents.

    PS ~ I hope this isn't coming off as overly snarky. MC's a cool place.

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    Re: MiceAge Links?

    Go to the main listings of the forums... "Read MiceAge" is one of the listed forums. Don't believe it. It's not a forum. Just a link to MiceAge.

    Would be nice to have it at the top of every post and a link to the article in the forum posts to discuss the articles, too...


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      Re: MiceAge Links?

      Our Link to MiceAge is at the top of the Forum which contains all the threads for Al's columns. Al starts all of his own threads. It is really up to him if he decides to link back to his columns or not.

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        Re: MiceAge Links?

        Thanks, Dusty! I'll write him.


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