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Micechat Glossary?


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  • Micechat Glossary?

    O.K. So, I checked the search and the FAQ but I can't find the meanings for certain terms and/or acronyms that I've recently encountered here on the boards that I'm fairly sure meant one thing to some of us in the thread but clearly meant something else to others.

    Anyone ever thought of putting together a glossary of common terms and acronyms (and some of the rarer ones too ... ) that folks are bound to encounter here on the boards?

    I know I'D appreciate and use it.


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    Re: Micechat Glossary?

    Well MiceChat used to have a WikiPedia page (but no longer- long story) which did have a glossory of sorts. Here's a few off the top of my head:

    Theme Park and Attraction Acronyms:
    DL (Disneyland Park) DCA (Disney's California Adventure), DLR (Disneyland Resort), DD (Downtown Disney) PotC (Pirates of the Caribbean), HM (Haunted Mansion), HISTA (Honey, I Shrunk the Audience), NOS (New Orleans Square) BTMR (Big Thunder Mountain Railroad), PM (Peoplemover), SM (Space Mountain), IASW (it's a small world), TOTFE (Temple of the Forbidden Eye) IJA (Indiana Jones Adventure), Remember (Remember, Dreams Come True), PoD (Parade of Dreams), BPB (Block Party Bash), GRR (Grizzly River Run), ToT (Twilight Zone Tower of Terror), WDW (Walt Disney World Resort), MK (Magic Kingdom Park), MGM (Disney MGM Studios), AK (Animal Kingdom), PI (Pleasure Island), EE (Expedition Everest) , DLP (Disneyland Resort Paris, Formerly Disneyland Paris and EuroDisney), DSP (Disney Studios Paris), TDLR (Tokyo Disneyland Resort), TDL (Tokyo Disneyland), TDS (Tokyo Disney Seas), HKDR (Hong Kong Disneyland Resort), HKD (Hong Kong Disneyland)

    And then there's the MiceChat/Forum Terms:

    PM: Private Message

    Troll: Someone (particularly a new member) who posts in a rude and/or agressive manner.

    YAGE: Yet Another Grand Exit; When someone decides to leave the forums for personal reasons or otherwise and does so in an overly dramatic way, such as by posting a long goodbye message.

    Sock Puppet: A member who has two or more accounts, which is against the MiceChat Rules.

    MCG: MiceChat Gold.

    MCV: MiceChat VMK, our Virtual Magic Kingdom discussion section.

    DMCA: The Drunken MiceChat Alliance. Not really sure what they're up to at the moment, but then again neither are they.

    And there's more. If you list some terms I'm sure some people could provide translations. Never be afraid to ask if you don't understand.
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      Re: Micechat Glossary?

      IMO - YMMV - FYIGM


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