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"Screening" new posts


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  • "Screening" new posts

    First of all, I'm not trying to put down those who like to play the games all the time. I just need some navigating / user information.

    Is there any way to block the forums that you don't read all the time from popping up under the "New Posts" link? I just clicked New Posts, and out of 52 new posts, 21 of them were either the Fun and Games or the Roller Coaster one.

    Again, I don't want to get rid of anything. Others love those forums. I just need to know how I don't have to have them popping up for me. It would be the same as it someone was a WDW frequenter and didn't want to read the Hong Kong or DLP forum everytime.

    Just asking.... :shy: Trying not to step on toes....

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    Re: &quot;Screening&quot; new posts

    Yes, you can customize, but not through any MiceChat control, you must do it manually, and create a bookmark for it.

    Just take this:

    After the = sign, just add the forumids that you want excluded. Just visit the foum you want to exclude, and look in the address bar. The number after the = sign represents the forumid. For example: is the news forum. So, 33 is the news forumid.

    Just add the numbers you want excluded in a comma seperated format, like this:,35,60

    Alternatively, you can change 'exclude' to 'include' for only the specific forums that you want.
    -Monorail Man


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      Re: &quot;Screening&quot; new posts

      Wow. That's complicated. You think there would be an easier way.

      But I appreciate the input Monorail Man.


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        Re: &quot;Screening&quot; new posts

        You can block the VMK threads from popping up in your User CP. I did that yesterday and it changed my life! It's really easy to do and will cut down hugely on the threads to sort through.


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          Re: &quot;Screening&quot; new posts

          Yeah, I found the VMK block a few weeks ago and I was thrilled. Too bad there isn't a function like that for the others.


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            Re: &quot;Screening&quot; new posts

            I block VMK as well as fun & games with the following search:


            I have had problems with the bookmark working on my PC, so I save it on the address window. If you load the search quickly, it will give you the vBulletin message. Once you have the message, it is easier to save the link.

            If there is a specific forum you wish to exclude, you can find the number at the end of the URL once you are in the forum home for a particular forum. (at least I think it makes sense.)
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