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The Official MiceChat Glossary


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  • The Official MiceChat Glossary

    Welcome to the MiceChat Glossary! Read through to find your favorite sayings, definitions, and general slang from MiceChats official "language".

    This Glossary will be updated as new terms are suggested by ... who else but the readers of MiceChat.

    So post away, give those great descriptions of the terms, people and acronyms of all the great things that makes MiceChat, MiceChat.

    Also, if you have any better descriptions for what is already here (or just want to add), post that as well and they will be added.


    A Ticket - When Disneyland first opened in 1955 and Magic Kingdom in 1971, guests visiting Disneyland and WDW's Magic Kingdom purchased coupons (later called ticket books) to ride the attractions. To board the attraction, a guest tore out a coupon (choose from A, B, C, D, or E tickets) and handed that ticket to a ride operating CM. The higher the ticket, the more immersive the attractions were. The use of these ticket books stopped in 1981 but MiceChatters still refer to the rides by their old ticket classifications. Although these coupons were never used at parks such as TDL, DLP and HKDL, attractions at these parks are still referred to in this way. Examples of current A-ticket rides would be the Main Street Vehicles and Pooh's Thoughtful Spot (WDW)

    AA - Audio-Animatronic. Invention of WED, these are the cute little birds, swashbuckling pirates, animation characters, grim grinning ghosts and other characters you see in many of Disney's dark rides.

    AL - Adventureland

    Al Lutz - Disneyland extraordinaire and the creator of MiceAge. And since there would be no MiceChat without MiceAge this makes Al a really cool dude.

    Al Weiss - President of Worldwide Operations for Walt Disney Parks and Resorts, Former President of Walt Disney World Resort (1996 - 11/2005)

    AK - Animal Kingdom. The newest addition to the parks of Walt Disney World featuring Animals as the central attraction.

    AP - Annual Passholders. Somebody who has an Annual Passport to Disneyland or Walt Disney World.

    Avatar - the picture next to a poster's post


    B Ticket - See A-ticket for full explanation of the coupon/ticket system used at Disneyland and Magic Kingdom until 1981. Current B-ticket attractions at Disney parks worldwide include: Main Street Cinema, Tarzans Treehouse (DL), Swiss Family Treehouse (MK) and Alice's Curious Labyrinth (DLP)

    BB - Blizzard Beach. Waterpark at Walt Disney World with the theme of a melted ski resort.

    BBB - Belle's, Beast's and Beau's.

    BLAB - Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters. A futuristic shoot em' up ride featuring Buzz Lightyear from Toy Story fame.

    BTMRR - Big Thunder Mountain Railroad (DL, MK,). A rip-roaring coaster through the old west.

    BTM - Big Thunder Mountain (TDL, DLP). A rip-roaring coaster through the old west.

    Buddy List - A list kept by MiceChatters of other MiceChatters they enjoy posting with or talking to.


    C Ticket - See A-ticket for full explanation of the coupon/ticket system used at Disneyland and Magic Kingdom until 1981. Current C-ticket attractions at Disney parks worldwide include: Dumbo the Flying Elephant and the Fantasyland style dark rides.

    CC - Critter Country

    Cinderella Castle - Castle from Cinderella that is the gateway to Fantasyland at Magic Kingdom and Tokyo Disneyland.

    CL - Cars Land (New land at DCA opening Spring of 2012)

    CM - Cast Member, Disney employee

    Cons -Converse All-Stars, the unofficial shoes of MiceChat.

    CP - College Program. See WDWCP.

    CoP - Walt Disney's Carousel of Progress

    C.O.W. - Church of Walt. The gathering of the MiceChat faithful every Sunday in the Hub of Disneyland.

    Cynthia Harriss - Former Senior Vice President of Park Operations Disneyland Resort under Paul Pressler


    D Ticket - See A-ticket for full explanation of the coupon/ticket system used at Disneyland and Magic Kingdom until 1981. Current D-ticket attractions at Disney Parks worldwide include: Autopia, Disneyland/WDW Railroad, Mark Twain/Liberty Bell steamships.

    DAK - See AK

    DCA - Disney's California Adventure. The newest addition to Disney's Anaheim resort.

    DEP - Disney's Electrical Parade. The former MSEP moved over to DCA in 2001 and was renamed Disney's Electrical Parade.

    Diamonds - These are under a MiceChatters name. One is awarded for each 1,000 posts to a maximum of 5 diamonds.

    Digger - A frequent Poster in the Digging for Diamonds thread.

    Discoverland - DLP's version of Tomorrowland.

    DHS - Disney's Hollywood Studios (Formerly known as Disney MGM Studios in Orlando, FL)

    DL - Disneyland. Walt Disney's original theme park located in Anaheim California. Opened on July 17th 1955 (some say July 18th) it is the center of the Disney Universe ... well, to us at least.

    DLP - Disneyland Park. Formerly known as EuroDisey, Disneyland Park is located outside of Paris France.

    DLR - Disneyland Resort. The entire Disneyland Resort in Anaheim consisting of 2 parks (DL and DCA), 3 hotels and DTD (Downtown Disney)

    DLRP - Disneyland Resort Paris. The entire Disneyland Resort in Paris consisting of 2 parks (DLP and WDSP) and hotels.

    DTD - DownTown Disney. A shopping and dining experience located at the Disney resorts in Anaheim and Orlando.

    DRR- Disneyland RailRoad

    Dustysage - The fearless leader of MiceChat.

    DVC - Disney's Vacation Club. Disney's timeshare property


    E Ticket - See A-ticket for full explanation of the coupon/ticket system used at Disneyland and Magic Kingdom until 1981. Current E-ticket attractions at Disney Parks worldwide include: Space Mountain, It's a Small World, Haunted Mansion/Phantom Manor, Star Tours and Tower of Terror

    ECV-Electric Convenience Vehicle. A motorized vehicle disabled guests can rent to get around the park.

    Ed Grier - Current President of The Disneyland Resort

    EE - Expedition Everest: Legend of the Forbidden Mountain

    EMH - Extra Magic Hours. WDW Resort guests are invited for one hour in the morning or three hours in the evening for select attractions, shows and parks depending upon scheduling.

    Epcot - Walt Disney Worlds second park. Featuring two distinct areas Future World and World Showcase.


    F! - Fantasmic. Night show located at Disneyland over TSI and the Disney-MGM Studios

    FL - Fantasyland or Frontierland. Depending on the context of the post it could be either. If somebody is talking about a trip around a river or a ride on a canoe, it's most likely Frontierland. If somebody mentions Dumbo, Peter Pan, etc it's most likely Fantasyland

    FOCM - Friends of Cast Members.

    Frank Wells - Former Chief Operating Officer (1984-1994)


    Gadget's Go Coaster - Kiddie Roller Coaster themed after Gadget from Chip N' Dales Rescue Rangers. Located at DL and TDL.

    GMR - Great Movie Ride, located at the Disney-MGM Studios

    Gold (Or MiceChat Gold) - The premium MiceChat for those 18 years of age and older. Not just a fun place with clubs, MiceSpaces and games but a way to show your support for MiceChat and keep this great site running.

    Guest - Someone who is viewing MiceChat who is not a member.


    HKDL - Hong Kong Disneyland - Disney's newest park located in Hong Kong.

    HM - Haunted Mansion

    HMH - Haunted Mansion Holiday, a special Nightmare Before Christmas overlay for Disneyland's Haunted Mansion every October through December/early January

    Hub - The place in Disneyland where the weekly meets take place. (See C.O.W.)


    IASW - It's a Small World. Walt Disney's famous cruise around the world which debuted at the 1964/1965 worlds fair.

    IJA - Indiana Jones Adventure. Located exclusively at Disneyland this ride takes you on an adventure with the one and only Indiana Jones.

    ITTBAB - It's Tough to Be a Bug. 3D movie based on Pixar's A Bugs Life located at AK and DCA.


    JC - Jungle Cruise. Take a boat through the jungles of the world

    John Lasseter - Chief Creative Officer at Pixar Animation Studios and Walt Disney Feature Animation


    LLee Cockerell - Executive Vice President of Operations of Walt Disney World Resort

    LMA - Lights, Motors, Action.

    Looser: member who has 1,000 posts or more.


    Matt Ouimett - Former President of The Disneyland Resort

    MCV: MiceChat VMK, where members of vmk may post about the popular game

    Meet - This is when we all get together to hang out ... or meet.

    Meg Crofton - Current President of Walt Disney World Resort (effective 08/01/06)

    MGM - Disney MGM Studios. Walt Disney worlds 3rd theme park celebrating the US's greatest export ... Hollywood.

    MI - Mysterious Island. Port of Call at Tokyo Disney Sea

    Michael Eisner - Former CEO of The Walt Disney Company

    MiceChat Store -

    MILF (no not that one) - Monsters Inc Laugh Floor. Attraction at WDW's Magic Kingdom featuring the character from Monsters Inc in a stand-up comedy club.

    MHT - Mickey's Halloween Treat. Disneyland's annual private halloween event held at Disney's California Adventure since 2005 and held at Disneyland in the late 1990's.

    MK - Magic Kingdom.

    MM - Mickey Mouse/Minnie Mouse/Mortimer Mouse

    MMC - Mickey Mouse Club

    MNSSHP - Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party. Hard ticket event held at the Magic Kingdom during select nights in September and October.

    MS - Main Street

    M:S - Mission: Space

    MSEP - Main Street Electrical Parade. The former nighttime spectacular parade shown at Disneyland. The parade can now be seen at DLP and at DCA as "Disney's Electrical Parade".

    MVMCP - Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party. Hard ticket event held at the Magic Kingdom during select nights in November and December.


    NOS - New Orleans Square. Located exclusively at Disneyland and themed after old New Orleans. This land features such famous attractions as Pirates of the Carribean and Haunted Mansion.



    Paul Pressler - Former President of The Disney Store

    PI - Pleasure Island. Walt Disney World's night club district located at Downtown Disney

    PM - Peoplemover or Private Message

    Port of Call - "Lands" of Tokyo Disney Sea

    POTC - Pirates of the Carribean. The last attraction to be personally supervised by Walt Disney himself. Take a cruise through the life of a pirate.

    Pocky - The official Snack of MiceChat.


    QSF&B - Quick Service Food and Beverage


    The "R" Word - (Rhymes with Zeputation) - how we award our fellow micechatters when they make a good post that is worthy of praise. There is another function to this, but we'd rather not get into that here.

    RCMC - Random Court of MiceChat

    RNRC - Rock N' Roller Coaster. A fast limo ride through the streets and Freeways of Los Angeles starring Aerosmith. Located at MGM and WDS.

    Robert Iger - Current CEO of the Walt Disney Company

    RoundUp - Miceage feature that talks about interesting threads on MiceChat

    RSR - Radiator Springs Racer. Forthcoming "Test Track" type headliner attraction coming to the CarsLand expansion of DCA.


    SBC - Sleeping Beauty Castle. Castle from Sleeping Beauty that is the gateway to Fantasyland at Disneyland and Hong Kong Disneyland.

    Screamin' - California Screamin'. Roller Coaster at DCA modeled after the pier coasters of old.

    SM - Space Mountain/Splash Mountain. Depends on Context.

    Spoiler - A way to post something for a certain subject that some people may not want to see.
    This is what it looks like

    SSE - SpaceShip Earth.

    ST - Star Tours

    ST2 - Star Tours 2 (new version of Star Tours that opened at DHS May 2011 and Disneyland June 2011)


    TCP - The Children's Place, run by HOOP Retail, the parent company of The Disney Store since November of 2004

    TDA - Team Disney Anaheim. The big yellow building behind toontown where all the people who suck money out of Disneyland sit. You know, those upper management people who could care less about the annoying park outside their windows.

    TDL - Tokyo Disneyland. Located in Japan, Tokyo Disneyland is considered to be one of the most beautiful parks in the Disney empire.

    TDR - Tokyo Disney Resort. Consisting of TDL, TDS and on-site hotels.

    TDS - Tokyo DisneySea. The newest addition to the Tokyo Disneyland resort.

    TDS - The Disney Store, currently owned and operated by HOOP Retail (The Children's Place) since November of 2004.

    TL - Tomorrowland. Futuristic world of tomorrow found at DL, MK, HKDL and TDL

    TLM - The Little Mermaid: Ariels Undersea Adventure - Dark Ride at DCA opened in June 2011 and opening at Magic Kingdom in 2012

    ToT - Twilight Zone Tower of Terror. Themed drop ride found at DCA, MGM and WDSP. Named Tower of Terror at TDS.

    TR - Trip report. A repot of a trip to anywhere. Could be the parks, the zoo, the beach or maybe even to the store.

    TSI - Tom Sawyers Island

    TSMM - Toy Story Midway Mania. Dark ride at both DCA and DHS themed to Toy Story featuring interractive 3D Carnival Games. Opened at both parks in Spring 2008.

    TTA - Tomorrowland Transit Authority. Former WEDway peoplemover at MK.

    TTC - Ticket and Transportation Center. Central location in WDW that sells tickets and provides monorail transport to MK and Epcot by Monorail or Boat (MK only).

    TL - Typhoon Lagoon - Waterpark at WDW themed to the aftermath of a Typhoon.


    Utilidoors - Underground tunnels located at Magic Kingdom park


    Videopolis - Former dance area located at Disneyland California. It's name is also used at DLP for the "Disney Classics: Music and the Magic" show.


    WDS - Walt Disney Studios. Located at the Disneyland Paris resort, it is the 2nd park along with Disneyland Park.

    WDW - Walt Disney World. The Disney Companies orlando theme-parks consisting of the Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Disney MGM Studios and Animal Kingdom.

    WDWCP - Walt Disney World College Program. Internship program for college students of all undergraduate majors from the United States and Internationally. See for more information.

    WL - Westernland. Tokyo Disneyland's version of Frontierland.



    YAGE - Yet Another Grand Exit. Post/Thread made by a member of MiceChat explaining why they are leaving MiceChat.

    Yesterland - Website celebrating the gone, but not forgotten attractions and restaurants of Disneyland and DCA.

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    Re: The Official MiceChat Glossary

    AP -annual passholders

    This is cool


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      Re: The Official MiceChat Glossary

      MIL= mother in law
      SIL= sister in law
      FIL=father in law
      BIL=brother in law

      Friends for life


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        Re: The Official MiceChat Glossary

        BLAB = Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters
        DH = ??
        DMCA = ...
        How much do we have to pay to get MiceChat Old?
        :monkey: :monkey:


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          Re: The Official MiceChat Glossary

          Originally posted by PEZZ Lightyear View Post
          BLAB = Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters
          DH = Dill Hole
          DMCA = Family
          Fixed it for ya.
          What an idiot....

          Yeah, I do that Twitter thing.


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            Re: The Official MiceChat Glossary

            Don't forget to add pocky!


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              Re: The Official MiceChat Glossary

              Originally posted by barfownz View Post
              Don't forget to add pocky!
              It's kind of already on the first post.

              Just sayin....
              What an idiot....

              Yeah, I do that Twitter thing.


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                Re: The Official MiceChat Glossary

                D - Dole Whip


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                  Re: The Official MiceChat Glossary

                  I want to add DMCA ... but I'm not 100% sure what it is.


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                    Re: The Official MiceChat Glossary

                    Originally posted by sir clinksalot View Post
                    I want to add DMCA ... but I'm not 100% sure what it is.
                    The initials stand for Drunken Mice Chatters Association or Alliance, but we are so much more than that. We're a close group of laid back people who have come to love each other as family. :love:
                    Looking for the truth about giraffes?


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                      Re: The Official MiceChat Glossary

                      From what Tui Quoted:

                      DMCA = Family

                      Fixed it for ya.


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                        Re: The Official MiceChat Glossary

                        Well... I wouldn't just say DMCA = family. I'd go more along SunnyG's definition...
                        Good morning, son
                        In twenty years from now
                        Maybe we'll both sit down and have a few beers
                        And I can tell you 'bout today
                        And how I picked you up and everything changed
                        It was pain
                        Sunny days and rain
                        I knew you'd feel the same things...



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                          Re: The Official MiceChat Glossary

                          This is great!! A few more....

                          DL - duh. Disneyland
                          DLR - Disneyland Resort - covering the three Hotels, Downtown and the two parks...
                          IASW - It's a Small World
                          HISTA - Honey I Shrunk the Audience
                          POTC - Pirates of the Carribean
                          TR - Trip Report
                          Meet - When we gather and have way too much fun

                          Just a few other things I thought were used a lot and COULD be confusing to new or tired people.


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                            Re: The Official MiceChat Glossary


                            R....Rancho de Zoccolo


                            W.....Whitewater Snacks

                            G....Grizzley River Run

                            S.....Soarin over California

                            C.....California Screamin

                            S....Scooby Snacks

                            I'm not sure I understand the "assignment" it supposed to be Disney stuff in general or things that are specifiacally Disney AND related to Micechatters?


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                              Re: The Official MiceChat Glossary

                              YAGE - Yet Another Grand Exit
                              These are the games that never end.


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