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help decorating posts for new user


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  • help decorating posts for new user

    Hi - I see lots of people have cool graphics in their posts - like the long rectangular boxes saying what they're a fan of - I'd like to decorate mine like this - I've made a few posts in the past, but I always read the micechat and want to get in on the action.

    I got a nice avatar picture, but i'm looking for the cool graphics or photos I see added to the actual chat/posting boxes - thanks!

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    Re: help decorating posts for new user

    If you're talking about at the bottom of each post you mean your signature line, or sig line. You can edit your sig by clicking on CP (contol panel, upper left where it says user CP). Then under settings and options, select "edit signature."

    In the edit box you enter the BBCode for your image. This can either be from a file on your computer, or an image you have the right to link to in something like a photobucket or imageshack account. You can only use BBCode, HTML will not work. I think you are also limited to 1000 characters in the sig box...that means 1000 characters including the code itself.

    If you wish to include a picture in a single post, it works the same way. You have to have an image in a photosharing account that you have permission to share. Hotlinking directly to images on the web is against MiceChat rules and the moderators are authorized to edit your posts and remove hotlinking.

    Hope this helped somewhat.

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