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Go to last post or 1st post?

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  • Go to last post or 1st post?

    Everytime I hit the "go to last post" button I am directed not to the last post but to the very first post instead. Also, when I click on "go to first unread post" button I am also directed to the first post of the thread---every time.

    This is happening on both my home and office computer so I am thinking it's probably not just me.

    Waiting for Godot

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    Re: Go to last post or 1st post?

    Yes, it's been happening for awhile.
    See this thread.
    I'm sure it's on MM's list

    fyi... for me it's just when the first unread is on the page I am currently on (off if the thread's 1 page, obv.) When i'm on a different page of a multi page tread it still takes me to the correct post.
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      Re: Go to last post or 1st post?

      Waiting for Godot