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Search problems

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  • Search problems

    I'm not sure what the site indexes... but I can't seem to get it to find what should be an easy search hit

    I used advanced search, and put in the criteria for

    keywords: future
    by username: flynnibus

    This returns no matches quite quickly. Yet, the post I was looking for exists right here

    This post is less then 20 days old. Why can't the search find that post? It matches the search criteria

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    Re: Search problems

    I had a similar problem today.


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      Re: Search problems

      I see it, half way down on the first page:
      Attached Files
      -Monorail Man


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        Re: Search problems

        Looking closer at the drop down menu.. I now see my error.

        The error was I was searching TAGS not posts. The search tags is exactly where just plain advanced search used to be and I wasn't looking close enough to notice the distinction! I'm just used to clicking on advanced search at the bottom of the search drop down menu.. but that is now search tags

        Thx MM