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  • New Rep System Comments

    Now that the new rep system has been in place for almost two weeks, can we comment on it?

    First off - thank you for taking these changes - the majority of the changes I fully supprt. The one thing that I feel is lacking today is you can not tell any 'trends'. You can not tell if you are being recognized as good or bad until you hit the 0 threshold. You get no feedback.

    One way to help this would be to bring back the 'new rep' counter in the welcome box, but one that would split the rep between good and bad. And Possibly on the userCP page show the thread and the + or - that the rep was left. They don't need to see the comment, they don't need to see the user. But then at least the user gets feedback on what's happening.

    I think the counter would be great.. even without the user cp views.. but I think the user cp views would help.

    The overall goal is simply to give feedback to the user on their 'recent' actions. Otherwise, a user has no idea they've turned to the dark side or reversed it until its too late
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    Re: New Rep System Comments

    I'm thinking no. Rep is not to be discussed.


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      Re: New Rep System Comments

      From what Dusty posted last week. If you have a question, please contact a Moderator.

      We won't be discussing this issue further at this time. If you encounter problems, please contact a Moderator. Once the system has been in effect for a little while, and everyone has had a chance to get used to it, we will create an open thread to see how we might be able to tweak the system in the future.


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