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MiceChat Rules (edited 12/28/17)

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  • MiceChat Rules (edited 12/28/17)

    The official rules, although slightly outdated, can be found here -
    It is important to note that the spirit of the rules will more often than not apply. Common sense should be used at all times.

    A general summary is outlined below:

    1. Be nice.
    2. Personal attacks on other members are not allowed.
    3. Be nice.
    4. Don't derail a thread.
    5. Be nice.
    6. Report posts that violate the rules. Don't get Litter Boxed by trying to handle it yourself.
    7. Be excellent to each other.
    8. Avoid using labels that might be considered offensive.
    9. Be nice.
    10. If you see a post that you don't agree with, count to 30 before responding, or don't respond at all.
    11. Be nice.
    12. We all have different opinions. Avoid trying to convince others that your opinion is superior. It's a waste of time, and it will never work.
    13. Be nice.
    14. Constructive criticism of Disney management in their professional capacity is allowed (and occasionally non-constructive criticism, as long as it is not offensive).
    15. Be nice.
    16. If you are going to post something that's not nice, ask yourself if it has a purpose. Is it Disney-related? Does it need to be posted? Is there a benefit to the community as a whole? If the answer is no, maybe it should not be posted.
    17. Be nice.
    18. Trolling is forbidden. Satire and sarcasm are welcome, where appropriate.
    19. Be nice.
    20. If you are going to quote someone, use their exact words. Do not paraphrase another poster and attribute your words to them.
    21. Be nice.
    22. Requests to gain access to Club 33 are not allowed. (This is for your protection so you don't get scammed.)
    23. Be nice.
    24. Please re-read #12 a few times.
    25. Please, please, PLEASE be nice to each other.
    26. To be continued...