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Again, the confusion.

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  • Again, the confusion.

    Originally posted by PhotoMatt View Post
    Our planet is getting warmer. That is a scientific fact, and it is not a political statement. Who or what is causing the planet to get warmer does not need to be discussed here, and it will not be allowed.

    The warming of our planet is going to put extreme pressures on our social and economic systems. People can only visit theme parks when they have discretionary income to spend. If you take away the discretionary income from a large enough percentage of the population then theme parks will no longer exist.

    Disneyland will likely celebrate its 100th birthday in 2055. It is not reasonable to expect it will celebrate the 200th in 2155. Our planet will be a drastically different place then.

    Again, this is not a political statement. I am giving my answer based on scientific reasoning, and science is allowed.
    And again, the confusion* of a post by the forum Administrator who is posting as a member, but who includes in the post a "laying down of the rules" (the portion that is bolded) with the authority of the forum's administrator.

    Again. the question: which is it? And why mix them?

    - If the thread needs to be warned about making political statements, it should be in a blue post, as the Administrator.

    - If the post is a statement of personal opinion, it should not contain statements of forum rules with the authority of the forum's administrator.

    So again, the question: why mix them?

    A previous poster said that such posts can have a chilling effect on a thread because they claim to be simply a member giving his opinion, but in fact they carry the unspoken power of authority -- especially when the authority speaks as an authority within the context of a "simply a member" post, as you did here.

    That previous poster called it "posting under the color of authority."

    Again, the question: why?

    *(Edit: to clarify, I'm the one who's confused by this.)

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    imagination or art. All you need is a brand."

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    I think it's pretty straight-forward: Photomatt is an administrator, not a regular member--it says so right under his name. Whether he posts in blue, or not, he's still the site's administrator--he doesn't wear two hats.

    That's not to say I agree with his new stated policy to try and make MC less "negative."