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Micechat forums are now officially creepy!!


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  • Micechat forums are now officially creepy!!

    I admit, I come for the articles, which are wonderful. I stopped posting years ago when it became clear that this forum was not my cup of tea. I still lurk, mainly just for entertainment sake, but occasionally there is an interesting thread with some useful information.

    That being said, I just read the following in a thread:

    I really should email Disney and ask them to remind their CMs that their online behavior affects the public's perception of the company. It shouldn't be hard to pinpoint. Assuming they're really CMs, they've already posted (and we have screenshots of), how long they've been working, where they work, and how they just got off a x-day shift.


    A CM who repeatedly trashes APers on social media, chat forums, and comments sections of fan blogs, is the worst sort of PR that Disney can have. It's far more damaging to that important business demographic than a CM who complains online about management.

    Yes, I had free will and should not have clicked on that particular thread. Yes, I lurk and don't contribute. But honestly, I read that and threw up in my mouth a little. YOU JUST THREATENED SOMEONE'S JOB...THEIR LIVELIHOOD...OVER A STUPID FORUM DEBATE!!! Yes, I am aware there is plenty of history between the parties involved, and no, I don't expect people to get along on a forum...but GOOD GOD!!! I have been on many forums, and I have seen cussing, name calling and bickering of all sorts...but I have never seen anyone threaten to get someone fired!!


    While there is plenty of talk here regarding moderators and rules, in reality it comes down to the forum members: No forum member who cares enough to post even a semi-lucid comment should put up with this behavior...its just not okay.

    I cannot fathom why anyone would join this website at this point. Not because it is too negative, and not because people can't respect opposing opinions, but because it appears to be unsafe to comment.

    Feel free to trash this post at will, my feelings will not be lurking and posting days are over.

    What a shame...

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    Thank you for pointing this out. The topic is only closed because there is no reason to debate this. What happened is wrong.