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A VERY Serious Request regarding the MiceChat users


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  • A VERY Serious Request regarding the MiceChat users

    I have noticed that in the last day or so, some folks have had "fun" hijacking "serious" threads in the Disneyland Resort section.

    MiceChat (and the sister site MiceAge) have been in the news a LOT lately, which is good, but it is bringing in a LOT of new users.

    These folks are not as knowledgeable as most of the "regular" users here at MiceChat, and are asking SERIOUS questions, such as what days are Early Entry, or what are the best days to visit to avoid crowds.

    Coming in and going WAY Off TOPIC just is plain RUDE and inconsiderate.

    There are PLENTY of places to have fun and go off topic here at MiceChat, including all the different Lounge sections, and the Litter Box section if you really want to go Major Way off topic.

    But PLEASE understand that many NEW folks are coming to the "family"", and there is NO reason to be rude to them!

    Once again, Thanks in Advance!
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    Re: A VERY Serious Request regarding the MiceChat users

    THANK YOU! someone needed to say it
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      Re: A VERY Serious Request regarding the MiceChat users

      I whole heartedly agree , I have been around for awhile and there are times when I have felt very intimidated when starting a thread or asking a question or advice


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        Re: A VERY Serious Request regarding the MiceChat users

        I agree and disagree. It is, of course, extremely rude to purposely derail or hijack a thread and I don't condone that behavior at all. However, these are discussion forums, and discussions are by their very nature dynamic and flowing interactions. Sometimes a point will be raised that causes a reader to hit upon an idea that they feel relevant, interesting or simply humorous, even though it topically doesn't fall perfectly in line with the intent of the OP and in those cases I cannot agree that a person should feel that they mustn't post for fear of being rude or potentially derailing. If we start practicing an unwritten "no posting off-subject" taboo then just as many people will feel disinclined to post as may feel as such now because of derailing posts. Already I've seen occasional warnings and thread closures simply because a discussion evolved along its own natural course but because that course wasn't strictly in-line with the OP it was squelched. Personally I see that as creating a far more uninviting environment than an occasional off-topic post.

        I say let's just be mature and respectful, but not take ourselves too seriously. This is a community of Disney fans, not a boarding school. We can all have fun together, as should be the case, without any more rules to add to the plethora already in place.


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          Re: A VERY Serious Request regarding the MiceChat users

          ADMIN NOTE:

          If someone hijacks a thread or in any other way breaks the rules of this site, all you need to do is report the post using the "Report Post" button in the lower left hand corner of the post.
          If you feel the person did it on purpose, you can also give them neg rep for it. If they do it enough, they will end up temporarily "Litterboxed".

          Thanks for your help.

          Thread closed.
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