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    I apologize if this goes against guidelines, if so feel free to remove!
    Anyway, the reason for thread is to maybe post some hotel deals. In my case, I work for Best Western, and figured that some of you may benefit from the current situation.

    If you guys are wanting to travel and happen to have a BW Rewards account, there are a few different perks going on for members. For those with rewards accounts that actually have some points, they are offering 10k point rooms till the end of April. They are trying just about anything to get rooms filled right now. Rooms that go for $200 + a night are going for points that cost $100 if you needed to buy them. I dont know if other hotel chains are doing the same thing. So I mean, if anyone here is a BW member trying to get some free or really discounted nights, as long as you have an account already with activity, you can buy points which could save you nearly half the room costs. This also applies to really any location, from what I've seen only our BW Premiers are blocked out

    Plus if you didnt know, most hotel chains are doing a stay two nights get one free. In our case, we sent people a voucher thru email a few weeks after completing their second.

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    Well I was just laid off from Best Western, and from what I can tell, it looks like they have changed their policy. They are no longer doing the 10k point rooms


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