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Clarification of the Rules 2021


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  • Clarification of the Rules 2021

    As today's thread made clear, Micechat is not only taking a hardline stance against personal attacks, they are also cutting back censorship. According to the moderators, "politics, personal attacks, or bashing Micechat" are the only elements not allowed, and all other posts won't be censored. This potentially runs contrary to some of the current rules, however, such as

    2. Trip reports will be heavily moderated. If you have a comment that is not directly related to the thread, don't post. If you enjoy the report, please comment to let the author know. If you don't like it, don't say anything.
    2a. Threads asking for advice will also be heavily moderated. If you can answer the question, please do so. If the answer is negative, but it's based on personal experience and relevant, post it.

    6. Don't derail a thread.

    14. Criticism of Disney management in their professional capacity is allowed. Criticism that derails a thread will be moved to the Litter Box.

    "Derailing a thread" doesn't necessarily relate to politics, personal attacks, or bashing Micechat.

    So I'm wondering whether the current rules will still be enforced, or whether enforcing these rules go against the new stance on censorship. It seems there is a conflict of interest between keeping threads civil and on-topic and letting all viewpoints run wild. Should posts that are clearly intended to derail a thread be flagged, or is flagging that post in essence asking for censorship and showing one is unable to handle another person's opinion?

    Some clarification would be appreciated.
    Brian the Pooh

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    There can be a balance. A viewpoint that doesn't derail the thread should be allowed. A viewpoint that is purely political should not be allowed.

    I agree that more effort needs to be spent making sure there is a balance.

    In regards to 2 and 2a listed above, that was written in response to trolls that targeted one of the few trip reports that was posted. It also applied to trolls who decided to attack people asking questions. Fortunately, this has not been a problem lately. I agree that I need to keep threads on track.


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      Thanks! This helps. To be sure, I'm not in favor of censorship and I welcome different viewpoints (it's a discussion forum after all), it's just getting exhausting having the same few people constantly getting threads removed from the DLR forum.
      Brian the Pooh


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