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Spoiler Boxes

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  • Spoiler Boxes

    Is there any way we can go back to the old spoiler boxes where you had to hi-light in order to read them? Some of us on tv show threads who use spoiler boxes have noticed that even the slightest brush over the box causes the spoilers to appear, even if we don't want them to. Something some people are just now noticing by accident.

    Is it going to stay like this or be changed eventually?
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    Re: Spoiler Boxes

    Personally, I like the way it is.

    I know there is another method of doing spoilers where you just click on a box and the spoiler opens up. I think that'd be the ideal way. I just don't like having to highlight everything.
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      Re: Spoiler Boxes

      On my iphone, I was able to see the spoiler box contents simply by touching the spoiler box.
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