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D23 Expo - Suggestions for the Next One


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  • D23 Expo - Suggestions for the Next One

    So the Expo has started, and it is truly amazing! Kudos to all at Disney for this! You have truly created Magic. But...I have noticed some things that could be even better - so here is my list of suggested improvements - (this is not to be critical, cause the expo is really fantastic) - But...
    (1) Lose the wristbands - at registration give out a lanyard with your credential card in it.
    (2) At registration give out the credentials, and the guide book, and a good D23 EXPO Bag, and the vouchers for the first days limited release merchandise, and discount coupons, and Disneyland info and hours. Waiting in multiple lines is not fun - do it all at once.
    (3) The Dream Store needs twice as many cashiers.
    (4) The humidity in the Expo Hall is high, some parts of the floor are like an oven.
    (5) Entry into the Arena for the keynote was poorly done - but you already know this since it was 35 minutes late starting. The guys with the metal detectors were moving very slowly - almost like postal workers. If these guys worked for the TSA we would all still be waiting to get on planes! The camera check staff should be doubled.
    (6) Sessions should be scheduled to appear at least 3 times - it sucks to miss a session because the room is full, and its only offered 1 time.
    (7) Minimize lines everywhere - waiting in long lines is simply not fun. Crowd control is what Disney does best, but you didn't do it well, sometimes, at the expo on Thursday.
    (8) Provide a dedicated direct bus that runs between the Disneyland Resort and the Convention Center. ART is not frequent enough and makes too many other stops.

    These are my thoughts. For those of you here, what do you think?
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    Re: D23 Expo - Suggestions for the Next One

    Interesting points and suggestions you bring up for next year. Re: your comment that there should be a direct bus between the Convention Center and DLR, Disney is actually running the Lion King tram on the outskirts of the Carsland construction area. It's one and only stop is right across from the pedestrian entrance to DLR located off of Katella (which is right across from the Arena).

    It's not front door service, but it's pretty close. Hope that helps.


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      Re: D23 Expo - Suggestions for the Next One

      Agreed on 1, 2 and 3. Most of the time I was actually very cold! DEFINITELY agree on number 5! #7 is funny because few people complain about waiting in lines at Comic-Con. Reading this LA Times blogpost about the "small crowds" that appeared tonight, I wonder where HE was? Did he not see the lines? The arena crowds? The Dream Store? I think he made some assumptions about how many people were there because wherever he was, everyone was somwhere else.

      Still though, I would actually love to see them just use Halls A&B, for instance and make it a little smaller to make it a LITTLE busier, though I do love all the seating and feeling like it's informal and comfortable.


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        Re: D23 Expo - Suggestions for the Next One

        (5) I thought security was ridiculously tight, until we saw the first third of the latest Animated Feature Film... cant really complain... but perhaps let us in earlier when doing cavity searches...

        The sight lines for the Storyteller Theater are horrible which is frustrating when trying to see priceless Disneyland footage... this could be fixed by
        A. Raising the Screen...
        B. Adding more Screens...
        C. Moving those presentations into the Huge Arena that is sitting empty most of the day.

        I was extremely impressed with the quality of the exhibits that were there... Especially Parks and Resorts! With so much room to grow I am excited for what they will add for next year


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          Re: D23 Expo - Suggestions for the Next One

          they are going to either need to add repeat showings of certain things or add more panels and presentations to compensate for the large crowds...


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            Re: D23 Expo - Suggestions for the Next One

            Next years event has me thinking. How big of a role do you think Marvel will play next year? Or will it not even be there? It's definitly a way to make this event grow very quickly and be turned into a Comic Con size show. To me it would feel very strange but I think I just need to except that Marvel will soon be Disney.


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