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Treasures of The Walt Disney Archives: What we hope for next year...


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  • Treasures of The Walt Disney Archives: What we hope for next year...

    Okay... I'll say it - I was somewhat let down by the Treasures of The Walt Disney Archives exhibit. I'm sorry. I was really hoping to see more... treasures! Not High School Musical and Hannah Montana costumes.

    So in the interest of helping D23 (since I know they hang on my every word) I thought I'd make a few suggestions, and then open the floor to everyone else for their suggestions.

    Here we go...

    1. Herb Ryman's original drawing of Disneyland that Roy Disney used to sell Disneyland to the bankers in New York.

    Yes, I know it's in the Walt Disney Imagineering Archives. I DON"T CARE. Get it. It's important.

    2. Ub Iwerks original drawings of Steamboat Willie.

    Yes, I know that it's in the Walt Disney Animation Archives. I DON"T CARE. Get it. It's important.

    3. The 1937 Oscar for Snow White along with his little seven "dwarf" Oscars.

    Yes, I know that it's in the collection of the Walt Disney Family. Beg them. Make it happen.

    4. Roy Disney's #1 Disneyland ticket stub sold on Disneyland's opening day on July 18th, 1955.
    Ask Roy Jr. for a short-term loan. He'll probably acquiesce if you ask nicely.

    5. The massively over-sized (10') blueprint of WDW that Walt used to show the world his plans for Florida.

    Again, probably at the Walt Disney Imagineering Archives. You can pick it up when you get the Herb Ryman map.

    6. The original multi-plane camera that revolutionized Walt Disney animated features.

    I think it's in Florida. Ship it back to California where it belongs. And don't forget to include...

    7. Walt's "Dancing Man" miniature. The forerunner to audio-animatronics.

    As long as you're picking up stuff in Florida, you may as well box up...

    8. Walt's office. It's done it's time at MGM. Time to come home to Anaheim.

    9. Peter Ellenshaw's beautiful (and fluorescent) painting of Disneyland that Walt referenced on the Disneyland TV Show.

    As long as your at it, why not throw in...

    10. The miniature model of Main Street USA that Walt also referenced on the Disneyland TV show.

    So, those are some of the things I'd like to feast my eyes on next year at the Disney Expo (the Expo formerly known as D23).

    Any other suggestions?
    Charlie :wave:
    MiceChat User #1037

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    Re: Treasures of The Walt Disney Archives: What we hope for next year...

    Well let's see. 2010 will be the 70 anniversary of things released in 1940. So cool displays of cels, concept art and maquettes from Pinocchio and Fantasia would be good. Also 60th for Cinderella, 40th for Aristocats, and 10th for Fantasia 2000 so they should get the same treatment.


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      Re: Treasures of The Walt Disney Archives: What we hope for next year...

      There's a Multiplane camera at the Walt Disney Studios in the Frank G. Wells building. It's huge though. Transporting that might be too much of a risk.

      I personally would like to see some Dick Tracy costumes and props. And yah, a LOT more Disneyland kinda stuff. Treasures of the IMAGINEERING archive is what I'd like to see.

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        Re: Treasures of The Walt Disney Archives: What we hope for next year... are spot on, as always!

        I too was disappointed. It literally took me 10 minutes to go through there. I didn't care about seeing the Love Bug, or Hannah Montana and HSM. The most important thing in there was the Captain EO suit, to me. (I know, sick, eh?) I didn't find there were a lot of TRUE treasures in that room. (And, it was sort of smallish for a HUGE expo.)

        Here's hoping they read your post Charlie. It's fantastic!


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          Re: Treasures of The Walt Disney Archives: What we hope for next year...

          I agree on the Treasures exhibit. The book was one of the things I was most looking forward to getting but after going through the exhibit I decided to save my money. Some of the older things in there were neat, but for the most part it was a quick walk through and done.

          I figured they wouldn't allow pictures in there in part because they would be selling us a book (and of course I guess there's the no-flash-to-preserve-old-stuff aspect), buy why make the book a "limited edition" then? Happily I ended up not even wanting the book, which freed up $ for other things.

          I'd love to see more Disneyland-related items too. Good post Charlie!


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            Re: Treasures of The Walt Disney Archives: What we hope for next year...

            I went to see the Captain EO outfit and it was cool seeing the spaceship as well, seeing PotC outfits and swords were pretty neat too. Why didn't they let anybody take pictures?


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