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D23 Gift/Merchandise Chronology


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    Re: D23 Gift/Merchandise Chronology

    Originally posted by VonBaroketch View Post
    I asked if they would be selling it at the Toby Tyler screening or the Anniversary party at DL, and they said they were not sure.

    Also, they were selling the full set of archives patches, including the misspelled "Monroail" patch, for $30.
    Did it seem like they would be selling merchandise at all the D23 events? I know you asked about the case... but I really want a set of the patches!


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      Re: D23 Gift/Merchandise Chronology

      Originally posted by cruisedude4 View Post
      "Security Badge lanyard Pin: $10"

      What was this?
      It looks like the d23 patch they gave away during the studio tour but is more of a lanyard ornament. And by lanyard, I'm talking about the thin lAnyards and not pin trading lanyards. I'm on my phone, but when I get a chance, I'll try to get a picture of the picture on the order form.
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        Re: D23 Gift/Merchandise Chronology

        Originally posted by ryanvalle View Post
        A full listing of what they were selling today at the tour:
        2009 Premiere Issue - $15.95
        2009 Summer Issue - $15.95
        2009 Fall Issue - $15.95
        2010 Spring Issue - $15.95
        Spring 2010 front/back cover from $10.00 (not sure what this was)
        Quarterly Case - $45

        Disney Undiscovered Calendar: $24.99
        Security Badge lanyard Pin: $10

        Up All night Pin: $19.95
        D23 Launch Day Pin: $19.95

        Holiday buttons set of 5: $7
        expo Buttons set of 7: $10
        Are you 23 button: $1

        Disneyland 59 patch set (6 patches plus bonus patch): $30

        D23 Launch Campaign Posters: $5
        D23 Expo Posters: $5

        Trasures of the Walt Disney Archives Books (soft): $25

        Disney Legends 2009 Program: $10

        D23 Membership Gift cards: $74.99

        Wow, I am so sad that all those things were available for sale and I wasn't in line getting them haha. I didn't go to the studios tour this time around since I went last year and wanted to let other members who didn't have the opportunity to go this year. That's the last time I do something nice again lol


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          Re: D23 Gift/Merchandise Chronology

          I'll have to give in my order for the next tour lol! I had no idea they sold stuff at them.
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            Re: D23 Gift/Merchandise Chronology

            I am guessing they have been selling these items at the Anniversary parties too as I suddenly saw a few Patch sets listed on ebay.

            Not sure why they would not make these available to all members as obviously not many of us are lucky enough to attend these events. If anyone going can pick up an extra Patch set, I would be very interested in a set (or even just a correctly spelled Monorail patch)


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