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Video Idea

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  • Video Idea

    So I was watching this video from Disney Parks:
    [ame=]YouTube - Disney's California Adventure Park- Expansion Series.[/ame]

    And then I came to the idea, why doesn't D23 do more video or productions blogs giving its fans an insight on different aspects of the company. Right away, ideas that come to mind that they could do:

    - Tour of the D23 offices, showing members a behind the scenes look as to what goes on to make the fan club possible
    - Tours of happenings around the parks, like the one above.
    - A quick "exploration" around the studio lot
    - Expanding on the studio lot, a look around studio sets for various disney shows
    - A visit to Walt Disney Imagineering, giving insight as to future (obviously announced) projects being worked on there.
    - Blogs and clips from their events, giving members who werent able to attend an insight as to what happened and also giving members an insight as to what they missed out on.

    I really enjoyed the d23 expo short videos to help promote the expo and was hoping similar videos would be released regularly. Perhaps this could spark a possible video aspect for the club.

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    Re: Video Idea

    That would be really cool! The only problem that I see, however, is that anything video costs a lot more than anything written. The awesome promo videos that Jeffrey made for the Expo were what is known as "viral media," meaning it was not made by professionals and didn't cost much, if anything, to produce. Some of the things you described, like a video tour of the D23 offices or studio lot, could be done like that. But other things, like interviews with Imagineers and tours of sets, would require paying those people for their time and clearance into areas that the D23 team doesn't have easy access to, which could drive up the production cost. And the D23 offices are probably not at all glamorous and therefore wouldn't provide anything that would "wow" you. To do videos about the events, they would have to hire a videographer to be there for them. They already bring in photographers so they can put pictures on the site and in issues of Disney Twenty-Three, so to also hire someone to film the events would really drive up the cost of putting them on. But I would love to see more D23 videos in the future.
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