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Live from the D23 Party!


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  • Live from the D23 Party!

    Well, we checked in quickly outside and now are all in the area in front of the castle waiting for the party to start. We got a packet but it just had a letter and info about the expo and the other event for the 55th. There is a D23 sign on the castle and allegedly they sold 1900 tickets.

    Edit: It's freezing!
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    Re: Live from the D23 Party!

    I must be standing right next to you!
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      Re: Live from the D23 Party!

      I didnt even know that was today, I went to the park for a while, I left around 8, i'm guessing that began at 9.
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        Re: Live from the D23 Party!

        Have fun! Looking forward to a trip report and pics! Stay Warm!


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          Re: Live from the D23 Party!

          Just got home and for a quick report and summary: IT WAS LOTS OF FUN! fox 11 news was there and was able to be part of the crowd that was featured before the weather section.

          I'll post some pictures later today/tomorrow


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            Re: only a B rating

            It was a good evening, but I would give this event only a grade of B. I think that Team Orlando does a better job than Team Anaheim, when it comes to D23 events.

            If it was suppose to start at 9 pm, it started late. Many of us had entered the park early, but had to wait over an hour at the Partners statue. Others had to wait outside the main gate and then were allowed in at 8:45 pm.

            The D23 sign over the castle entrance was a nice touch, as was the special fireworks salute. I am not a fan of character appearances nor a fan of getting autographs from Disney Legends, so those did not rate very high with me. It was nice that Captain EO was open as was the Astro Jets in Tomorrowland and of course, the regular Fantasyland rides. Unfortunately, no special opening of the Matterhorn for the D23 party.

            Free beverages were coffee, tea, and ice water, no hot chocolate on a very cold night for southern California! The desserts were just cupcakes, cookies, and rice krispie mickey icons.

            I was disappointed that the D23 items offered at the Studio tours and at the WDW anniversary party were not available tonight.
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              Re: Live from the D23 Party!

              btowndude -- this is called looking a gift horse in the mouth. why crtiticize? more importantly, could you offer some constructive suggestions for future DL events?

              here's what i saw:

              * lines developing around disney legends and celebrities, filled with fans eager to get a few questions asked in a relatively relaxed setting
              * food, beverages (albeit mostly alcoholic) all throughout fantasyland
              * super happy cast members and no lines! (the biggest line i saw was about 5 minutes for peter pan)
              * music playing throughout the parks, with some unexpected characters like bandleader mickey, clarabelle cow, maleficent, the hag, the country bears ... stuff you just don't get on an average day
              * i saw groups of people talking disney to each other, feeling "at home"
              * media attention was attracted based on the presence of the KTTV team there, leading to greater exposure for D23
              * pyrotechnics to open, and music EVERYWHERE
              * Captain EO open
              * A really cool, oversized pin as a parting gift

              Between the food, the sociability, the ability to talk with D23 folks (who, unlike most studio folks) didn't try to hide away from fans.

              I saw lots and lots of happy people. No doubt the daggers were sharpened on the way home so it could be shredded to bits ....but my own experience would rate the night a 9 out of 10 -- could have been a 10 if the Matterhorn were working.

              I thought it was 100 kinds of wonderful! Or, at least 23 kinds (you know, for "D23"). I had a great, great, great time. Kudos to the D23 team who put this together -- they navigated the crazy politics of Disney fifedoms to create something really memorable for fans. In 10 years, you'll still be talking about how cool it was!

              Quit your grousing ...


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                Re: Live from the D23 Party!

                I agree EC82, my friend and I had a great time as well. It just had a great fun atmosphere! We talked to really nice people in almost every line we were in (for a short time cause the lines we so small) and just enjoyed being there.
                I'm a sucker for character photo ops so I was excited to see some that I have never, or haven't in MANY years, seen out and about. We took pictures with Clarabell Cow, The Three Little Pigs, Pinocchio and Jiminy Chricket and The Country Bears.

                I think this turned out to be a nice, relaxed, fun party! I am really glad I was able to participate.
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                  Re: Live from the D23 Party!

                  Wow. I love the character line-up. I look forward to seeing some trip reports.


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                    Re: Live from the D23 Party!

                    Preliminary report:

                    We had a really good time too. We saw lots of characters (I'm not a character fan, but I took a few photos) and some Disney of the Sherman brothers (it's late, I forget which one) Dave Smith, Steven Clark (maybe not a legend) and...again I'm's late! I'll try to get a few photos up tomorrow.


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                      Re: Live from the D23 Party!

                      It was a blast!

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                        Re: Live from the D23 Party!

                        Originally posted by Coheteboy View Post
                        It was a blast!

                        I'm glad you guys have fun. Did anyone take a photo of the D23 sign on the castle? I would love to see that. I went to the WDW event and did not see a sign on the castle.


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                          Re: only a B rating

                          Originally posted by btowndude View Post
                          The desserts were just cupcakes, cookies, and rice krispie mickey icons.

                          Now, now. There were indeed rice krispie treats and cupcakes, but there were at least half dozen other Club 33 level pastries and tarts that were absolutely delicious.
                          The event started a couple of minutes late, yes, but there was plenty of time to ride every ride, some more than once, visit with a number of Disney Legends (none as gracious and wonderful as Stacia Martin who did full character sketches for anyone who asked) as well as simply strolling around to soak up the atmosphere of Fantasyland without the mobs.
                          Everyone who was there was a true Disneyland fan, so the magic of the place was overflowing.
                          All the CMs were at there very best, offering up spur of the moment trivia contests, vamping and improvising spiels, making direct one on one contact with every guest and being in generally fine spirits.
                          One batch of Mice Chatters (including the always genial Dusty Sage) were in attendance and also clearly having a GREAT time. It was great seeingb these folks again as usual.
                          Perhaps btowndude honestly did not have fun, but I would say they were in the minority. I personally saw not one single guest having anything but one of the best times of their Disneyland lives.
                          $65,00 was a lot of money, but would I do it again? Absolutely!
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                            Re: Live from the D23 Party!

                            Nice report! Can't wait to see photos, especially of the rare characters out there that night.
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                              Re: Live from the D23 Party!

                              Originally posted by Figaro View Post
                              I'm glad you guys have fun. Did anyone take a photo of the D23 sign on the castle? I would love to see that. I went to the WDW event and did not see a sign on the castle.

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