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  • TR-D23-TobyTyler

    Saturday March 27 was the D23 "50 and Fabulous" showing of "Toby Tyler or Ten Weeks With The Circus" at the Walt Disney Studios in Burbank.
    I apologize for the number of photos and for the quality. Also, despite many attempts, some stubbornly remain on their sides. Ye've been warned!

    Check-in was scheduled to begin at 1:00 pm. We used to live and work very close to the studios, so we were there a little early to grab a bite to eat and check out the old neighborhood. Then...

    At the gate, we were checked off the list and directed to the parking area. The actual check-in was at tables staffed by D23 members.

    Located conveniently across from the tables was the employee store. The doors were locked, but we were told they would be open after the film. However, the lobby was open and there were 2 tables inside where we could buy the merchandise offered by D23. It seems most things were sold out although after the showing a few things were available again.

    Watch out, there's a mouse on the floor!

    I liked this little bungalow...

    No feeding the squirrels. Even the invisible ones.

    Now, head down the street. Stop at the topiary and...everybody do "The Mickey!"

    Wait...clearly he wants us to come back!

    OK, one more time!

    Some streetcorner, huh?

    There ARE squirrels! Being Disney squirrels, they're extra cute. Don't feed 'em.

    Just one word. But here, it means so much.

    Here we are!

    In the lobby there were seats on both sides, in front of etched glass panels with characters from Fantasia. The backlights changed color slowly. The kid does tricks, too.

    And some nice displays:


    Finally...ready for the film!

    But wait...Toby Tyler himself, Kevin Corcoran, wants to talk to us!

    Then we settled down to watch the movie. We were especially thrilled to have 2 celebrities sitting with us...let's hear it for FishBulb and DustySage!

    As we exited the theater, we were each given one of these:

    After the show, Mr. Corcoran was available to sign DVD covers (unfortunately they were out of DVDs before I could get one)

    I did buy one of these:

    Plaque beside the door of Studio A

    Even the metal fence around the perimeter of the studio is cute:

    The Alameda gate (we used the Buena Vista gate)

    No wonder he's Grumpy!

    The sun sets on a terrific afternoon

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