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D23 Scavenger Hunt - September 26th, 2010


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  • D23 Scavenger Hunt - September 26th, 2010

    I think a lot of us have been expecting this for quite some time. D23 has announced their first theme park adventure event. Thankfully, this one is more like MousePlanet's MouseAdventure and much less like our Gumball Rally. Therefore, we fully support it! I'm counting on the MiceChatters to be among the winning teams!

    D23's “great disney scavenger hunt” AT THE DISNEYLAND RESORT SEPTEMBER 26, 2010

    Date: September 26, 2010
    Location: Exposition Hall, Disneyland Hotel
    Time: Registration begins at 7 a.m.; Hunt kicks off at 8:45 a.m.
    Tickets: On Sale Monday, July 12, 2010 at 10 a.m. PST.
    Cost: $50 per team for D23 Members (up to four people); $75 per team for non-members (up to four people)

    The Hunt is on!

    Get ready for the most incredible scavenger hunt in Disney history as D23 hosts the Great Disney Scavenger Hunt at the Disneyland Resort! Teams will take off across the Resort in search of the answers to some challenging—but fun!—questions. Think you know your way around Disneyland? This will be the ultimate test as you and your team race against the clock to gather as many points as possible. The top 10 teams will win fantastic prizes, including goodies and collectibles from our friends at Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment, Walt Disney Records, the Walt Disney Collector’s Society, Walt Disney Publishing, and the Walt Disney Archives.

    Get a good night’s sleep because registration starts at 7 a.m. in the Exposition Hall of the Disneyland Hotel. And at 8:45 a.m., it’s off you go…. You and your team will scour the entire Disneyland Resort—from Downtown Disney and the Disneyland Resort Hotels to Disney California Adventure and, of course, Disneyland—for answers to our quizzical queries.

    You’ll have just over five hours to gather as many answers as possible before returning to the Exposition Hall for judging. And don’t be late—points are taken off for every precious minute! Comfortable shoes and attire are recommended!

    Once we’re done tallying the totals, we’ll announce the winners—and the top teams can collect their bounties! Think you’re up to the challenge? We can’t wait to find out!

    • Park admission for the Hunt is NOT included. Teams are responsible for their own entry into the parks. Special convention-rate tickets will be available for purchase.
    • The Hunt will take place in Disneyland, Disney California Adventure, Downtown Disney, and throughout the Disneyland Resort Hotels.
    • The person who registers his or her team for the Hunt will be considered by D23 to be the Team Leader.
    • Each team must consist of no fewer than two (2) players and no more than four (4) players.
    • Each member of the team must fill out a waiver before registering at the event.
    • The Team Leader will be responsible for checking the team in. The entire team does not need to stand in line. However, the entire team must be present at the start of the Hunt in order to participate.
    • Inside the registration packet will be a “runner’s bib” (similar to what runners wear in a marathon) with the team number and safety pins with which to attach the number. ALL team members must wear their bibs on the front of their shirts at all times.
    • Team members must be together at ALL times. (In the case of bathroom breaks, team members may wait outside the restroom.)
    • No running at any point. Any team seen running by D23 Scavenger Hunt representatives or Disneyland Security may be disqualified.
    • No cheating, obviously.
    • No impeding the success of other teams (e.g., trying to cover or remove answers to clues).
    • No asking Disney cast members for help.
    • D23 Scavenger Hunt representatives in the Resort may, at any time, check a team to make sure it has the appropriate number of members. Teams that do not remain together will be disqualified with no appeals.
    • All teams must have at least one digital camera to document certain moments on the Hunt. The team is responsible for having a working camera. Should a camera not function properly, it is the responsibility of the team to correct the problem.
    • Any questions or issues will be decided by a panel of D23 judges at the Hunt. These decisions will be binding and final.
    • All written answers must be legible. No points will be awarded if judges are not able to read the answer.
    • In the event of a tie, there will be a lightning round of questions between one representative from each of the tying teams. The round will be overseen by one of the D23 judges. All decisions are binding and final.
    More Info can be found here: D23 Scavenger Hunt September 26, 2010
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    Re: D23 Scavenger Hunt - September 26th, 2010


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      Re: D23 Scavenger Hunt - September 26th, 2010

      This is VERY tempting...even for us!
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        Re: D23 Scavenger Hunt - September 26th, 2010

        Sounds fun... but I'm saving up my energy for the next Gumball Rally!

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          Re: D23 Scavenger Hunt - September 26th, 2010

          Given the great turn out that Gumball and MouseAdventure get, there is certainly room for more events!

          Looking forward to it.
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            Re: D23 Scavenger Hunt - September 26th, 2010

            Originally posted by penguinsoda View Post
            Sounds fun... but I'm saving up my energy for the next Gumball Rally!
            Given the choice? We'll wait for the Rally too because 5 hours? That's a small time scavenger hunt.

            Waiting for May, when we'll hopefully have our Rally, and our team again!
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              Re: D23 Scavenger Hunt - September 26th, 2010

              ^ Shouldn't we wait until the prizes are announced before passing any judgement on this event?


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                Disney opens first scavenger hunt for resort guests

                Saw this article today in the OC Register about the first Disney-sanctioned scavenger hunt. Seems really fun...

                Disney opens first scavenger hunt for resort guests - Around Disney : The Orange County Register

                Disney opens first scavenger hunt for resort guests

                For the first time, Disney is hosting an official scavenger hunt that is open to the public throughout the Disneyland Resort property.

                Fan groups and websites have regularly put on unofficial scavenger hunts and contests in the theme parks, while Disney has sponsored hunts for employees or private groups. But the Great Disney Scavenger Hunt will mark the first time that Disney has sanctioned such an event for regular visitors, who will pay to participate.

                The hunt is set for Sept. 26 as part of an event put on by . But non-members also are allowed to join the hunt. Up to 500 teams can compete. Registration opens Monday. Click here to sign up.

                For the contest, teams will have up to five hours to search everywhere for clues within the Disneyland Resort: two theme parks, three hotels and Downtown Disney. Disney is still determining the types of clues and items that will be part of the hunt.

                The top 10 teams will win prizes from different sections of the Walt Disney Co., including home entertainment and records. The exact prizes have yet to be determined, said a D23 spokesman.

                The scavenger hunt is set to be the concluding activity of
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                  Re: Disney opens first scavenger hunt for resort guests

                  I like!
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                    Re: Disney opens first scavenger hunt for resort guests

                    Oh man, this sounds awesome! I wish I could do that. I'll miss it by 3 weeks.

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                      Re: Disney opens first scavenger hunt for resort guests

                      I have to PAY for a scavenger hunt?


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                        Re: Disney opens first scavenger hunt for resort guests

                        This sounds great!

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                          Re: Disney opens first scavenger hunt for resort guests

                          Sounds like fun, too bad I won't be able to participate D:

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                            Re: Disney opens first scavenger hunt for resort guests

                            Cool! : D
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                              Re: Disney opens first scavenger hunt for resort guests

                              Thats cool.


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