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Destination D/Scavenger Hunt/Other Announcement During Swiss Family Robinson


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  • Destination D/Scavenger Hunt/Other Announcement During Swiss Family Robinson

    I do understand that there are already threads started about Destination D and the Scavenger Hunt, but I feel that this should go in a new thread so people will see the announcement and not just be limited to a group reading on thread and vice versa.

    Anyways, here's what we were told today (and somebody correct me if I'm wrong since I'm going by memory and was a slightly confusing announcement). What we were told is that ticketing for Destination D and the Scavenger Hunt will be taking place under one system. Upon logging into the reservation system, you'll be asked which event you want to sign up for - Destination D, Destination D & Scavenger Hunt, and Scavenger Hunt only. This is important to know because knowing everyone excited for these events, you probably click your way through check out. Make sure you reserve for what you want and not accidentally reserve for too little or too much than you really wanted.

    Second, they announced that the next 50 and Fabulous screening will be the Sign of Zorro, or was it the Mark of Zorro? One of the two. As Jeffrey joked about it, "They're the same thing, except one is a sign and one's a mark." Tickets for this event should be available later this summer with no specific dates announced. I can't recall if they mentioned when the actual event will be held.

    Anyways, that is all I have to say. Hope this information serves useful for anyone reading this.

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    Re: Destination D/Scavenger Hunt/Other Announcement During Swiss Family Robinson

    I was there and you got it just about right. The link will be a single portal for both the Destination D event and the Scavenger Hunt. Somehow it seems it will make more sense on a computer screen.

    The movie is actually Sign of Zorro and he did get confused. There is a Mark of Zorro as well.

    Thanks for passing this along.


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