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Parent Trap - 50 & Fabulous Screening

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  • Parent Trap - 50 & Fabulous Screening

    Anyone have a trip report? I had 2 tickets reserved but unfortunately couldn't make it. I'm already bummed because Parent Trap is one of my favorite all-time movies, but would be especially bummed if Hayley Mills actually showed up. My guess is no, but anyone want to break my heart?

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    Re: Parent Trap - 50 & Fabulous Screening

    Don't worry, Hayley Mills did not show up! They sold merchandise in the Hyperion Bungalow this time as opposed to the lobby of the Studio Store. Again, both the Studio Story and the Disney Store were closed. Bummer! They had cool Disney Studio labeled stuff in the store. Anyway, the line to get into the bungalow was a little long so I didn't go inside and my wallet thanks me for that! As usual, we got our 50 and Fabulous patch.

    The curtains parted to a wonderful light show similar to what they do at the El Capitan. I like to call it "World of Color - Land Edition." They showed a Donald Duck short before the film called "Double Trouble" then the feature began. At times the print looked pretty good and then other times it looked really bad. Some of the process shots (things shot inside of a soundstage but are supposed to be outside) garnered laughs from the audience. Something that you don't really see much of today is the fact that we were watching a film from a projector because the film wasn't spliced together properly between reels causing some laughs and a bit of panic if they would have had to stop the screening for a bit. Luckily, the next reel began after a few seconds.

    This was my first time seeing the film and it was charming and in spots hilariously funny. There really is something about seeing a comedy in a room full of people. Hayley Mills, Brian Keith (whose voice kept reminding me of Phil Harris!) and Maureen O'Hara had wonderful personalities and the supporting actors were great especially Verbena. She brought down the house again and again. And look, it's Miss Hathaway! Haha. And I loved the cattiness between Maggie and Vicky. Me-ow!

    I recognized one D23 staff member; perhaps everyone else was at the Cars 2 premiere!

    Again, another fun day at the Studio. The next film in the series is "Babes in Toyland" on 11/19.
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      Re: Parent Trap - 50 & Fabulous Screening

      I wanted to go so badly but was away when tickets were onsale and didn't get them so it is frustrating to hear that someone with tickets did not go. D23 needs to come up with a way that someone can cancel their reservation and make it available for another.


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        Re: Parent Trap - 50 & Fabulous Screening

        GapToothed, thanks so much for the details! Feel like I was there...kind of. I'm glad you enjoyed the film! It's just such a nostalgic movie for me, grew up watching it with my family and friends. We still quote lines from it to this day. "I shan't...tell my aunt...about the ants...shall I?" Haha.

        When we went to the Pollyanna screening, they had a couple Disney historians there who talked about the movie afterward and provided information and trivia. Anything like that this time?

        nursemelis374, I agree. It would have been nice to somehow get a refund and release the tickets after it became apparent I couldn't attend. Even if a refund wouldn't be possible, I'd like to at least be able to authorize someone else to use the tickets. I was dying to go, but I'm from out of state and the person and I who had been planning to go since the day it was announced, just decided we couldn't make it work a couple days beforehand.