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OK hose of you D23 members...


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  • OK hose of you D23 members...

    SEll me on it Im thinking i really want to join but as a CM can only become a Silver member (with a 10% discount) Do they give a lot of stuff/do a lot of stuff for the gold members?
    What kind of stuff happens at the D23 event next year? Is this a things i would take the whole days off from work to see and do?

    Help me decide if i should become a d23 member first and for most
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    Re: OK hose of you D23 members...

    I can't help you on the D23 front, but I can tell you that you don't need to be a D23 member to go to the D23 Expo.


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      Re: OK hose of you D23 members...

      To get their three day pass cheaper but 21 dollars i would need to be. Plus the saving will just about pay for the membership with my discount.


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        Re: OK hose of you D23 members...

        Well.....really the best deal of the D23 Membership is the fact that D23 Members get into the Expo first not guaranteeing you to get to see the first BIG presentation but a very good chance that if you show up...even just 30 mins before the Expo you'll get in...over the 1,000's of non Members
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          Re: OK hose of you D23 members...

          I'm a Cast Member in Ohio and invested in the Gold Membership. I've been disappointed in the lack of activities near me but love the magazine and archive stuff/little gifts. They seem to be getting activities closer to my state so I'm still holding out hope!
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            Re: OK hose of you D23 members...

            ^Same here - the international members don't get anything in way of local events, in fact we pay even more and get much less from the club.

            On the upside though, the magazine is well put together and the little freebies are nice, but that's all I can really say.

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              Re: OK hose of you D23 members...

              Originally posted by Kevin Noty View Post
              SEll me on it
              Help me decide if i should become a d23 member first and for most
              Sell you on being a member of the only official Disney Fan Club? Of being able to say you're a "card-carrying" Disney fan?

              OK, let me sell you on it:

              For all the talk about how "expensive" D23 is, it costs 20 cents a day.

              You literally will be a card-carrying Disney fan.

              That card also gets you a bunch of discounts at places like Brookstone, Ghirardelli, Apricot Lane, Super Shuttle, the "Mary Poppins" stage show, hotels near Disneyland, etc. -- stuff that you will use for yourself and gifts you can buy for others.

              D23 members can get access to Destination D, and the one that just finished (I just got back) was, I can safely say, one of the best experiences I have ever had as a Disney fan.

              You get the magazine as a gold member, too. Mine came this weekend (while I was gone for Destination D). It was boxed, as they all are, AND wrapped in plastic and came with lovely postcards as a little gift. You get a little gift with every magazine. If you think the magazine alone isn't worth it, add in the $3-$10 these gifts are worth, and you have another $12-$40 a year of stuff other people can't get.

              You get a certificate, too. No big whoop, as a friend used to say, but if you've got a "Disney display" in your house, it's a very nice addition -- no value, per se, but also "priceless," as you can't get it anywhere else.

              You can buy exclusive merchandise, something I only take advantage of once a year, at Christmas time, but still, a nice thing.

              You get the ability to take part in other member-only events, too, and they've been doing more of these in places outside of California and Florida, which is a good sign.

              When I was at Destination D, I walked by the Disneyland ticket window and realized how much an annual pass is. This is $75, a cost that hasn't changed in three years. It does not seem expensive to me when I can save literally a buck-fifty a week and put it in a piggy bank and have enough in a year to renew my D23 membership.

              You're a Disney fan. So it makes sense to join the only official Disney fan club. That's enough "selling" for me.

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              BTW, the lack of events wherever fans live is something you hear a lot about. I'm not sure what people expect the answer to be. Any idea how expensive it is to put on even a little event, anywhere? Yes, international postage is REALLY high, but that's the same for any international offering -- I used to get Empire magazine sent to me from the UK and the cost was CRAZY. But I loved the magazine, so it was worth it. No, D23 can't have events everywhere, but there are other little perks that maybe don't make sense for someone from England or Sweden, and it's too bad D23 can't be a truly global fan club, but they've been around for three years and are growing, so give it time.


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