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D23 Announces Treasures of the Walt Disney Archives for Summer Expo


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  • News D23 Announces Treasures of the Walt Disney Archives for Summer Expo

    D23 released information this morning about the return of the "Treasures of the Walt Disney Archives" to the D23 Expo this August 9 - 11, 2013. Rather than featuring a broad collection of items from throughout Disney Company history as they have done in years past, this collection will be focused on three Disney properties. Fans will find a wide assortment of items from Mary Poppins (celebrating its 50th anniversary), Disney's connection to the Wizard of Oz, and the ABC television show Once Upon A Time.

    BURBANK, Calif. - May 9, 2013 - D23: The Official Disney Fan Club and the Walt Disney Archives are proud to announce the return of the "Treasures of the Walt Disney Archives" exhibit to the D23 Expo. During the D23 Expo at the Anaheim Convention Center, August 9 - 11, 2013, this all-new exhibit curated specifically for the D23 Expo 2013 will feature: the 50th anniversary of Mary Poppins, ABC's hit television series Once Upon A Time, and a look at the longstanding connection between Disney and L. Frank Baum’s beloved series of books about the land of Oz.

    "Treasures" will showcase a selection of crown jewels from the Walt Disney Archives Collection, many of which will be displayed publicly for the first time by the Archives. As the 50th anniversary of Mary Poppins approaches, the Archives will be presenting a wide array of pieces from the Academy Award-winning 1964 film including concept art and matte paintings, Mary and Bert's carousel horses, the snow globe from the "Feed the Birds" sequence, costumes worn by many of the central characters and the recently acquired carpet bag, which Mary carries with her when she arrives at the Banks' household. Also part of the exhibit will be the Fan Art Gallery, themed to Mary Poppins. D23 Members were invited to submit their work as part of the D23 Expo Fan Art Contest, and the winners' colorful creations will be displayed in this year's gallery.

    On the heels of the global success of Oz The Great and Powerful, the Archives is proud to assemble artifacts illustrating Disney's long association with L. Frank Baum's Oz books. Highlights include a costume from 1957's "Rainbow Road to Oz"-a segment from The Fourth Anniversary Show, which celebrated Walt’s four years on television, starring many of the Mickey Mouse Club's Mouseketeers—as well as concept art from unrealized attractions and Disney Studio productions. Also featured are props and costume pieces from 1985's Return to Oz including the Tik-Tok puppet, “Powder of Life” tin, and Dorothy’s costume and slippers. And, of course, there will be an assortment of costumes from this year's Oz The Great and Powerful.

    Now finishing its second hit season, Once Upon A Time has become a huge hit among Disney fans for its ability to remain true to many of Disney’s classic stories while expanding their worlds with a modern twist. The Archives is honored to be presenting a selection of elegantly designed costumes from the show.

    The D23 Expo 2013 will also feature the Disney Legends Awards-a tradition that pays tribute to the talented men and women who have made indelible contributions to the Disney legacy; the return of the D23 Expo Dream Store, featuring a wide selection of unique merchandise; an expanded Collectors Forum, where Disney fans can buy, sell and trade Disney collectibles, memorabilia and merchandise-and this year’s Forum will also include the worlds of Marvel and Star Wars-plus amazing live events, special celebrity appearances, panels and presentations and unique experiences from every corner of Disney, from upcoming feature film and television sneak peeks to what's new and what's next from our theme parks around the world.
    For more information about the upcoming D23 Expo, please visit: D23 Expo 2013 Disney D23

    We'd like to hear your thoughts about this morning's info release.
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    Re: D23 Announces Treasures of the Walt Disney Archives for Summer Expo

    Does Once Upon a Time really fit into a worthy consideration for a Disney Treasure Archive??? I think NOT!!!


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      Re: D23 Announces Treasures of the Walt Disney Archives for Summer Expo

      This is ALL about Cross Promotion and not about giving Disney fans any kind of unique experience.

      Mary Poppins = Promotion for Saving Mr. Banks
      Oz = Promotion for DVD/Blu Ray release of Oz The Great and Powerful
      Once Upon a Time = Promotion for fall season

      Pathetic ...


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        Re: D23 Announces Treasures of the Walt Disney Archives for Summer Expo

        It's always about marketing with Disney! I would expect nothing less ! Personally I can't wait to see the "Feed the Birds" snowglobe and the carousel animals from "Mary Poppins". I love "Once Upon Time" but some of the things I want to see from that show are still active props (Henry's storybook, objects in Mr.Gold 's shop, ect.)


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          Re: D23 Announces Treasures of the Walt Disney Archives for Summer Expo

          People are playing good money for D23 membership, more money for Expo tickets, and for what, the privilege of purchasing cross-promotion advertising?

          Pathetic indeed.
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            Re: D23 Announces Treasures of the Walt Disney Archives for Summer Expo

            This year's Expo looks to be lacking on many fronts. Imagineering doesn't really have anything in the works (that isn't top secret - Avatar) to show. With the recent hype for Imagineering's 60th anniversary, will all we have to expect from the Parks & Resorts exhibit be old models (historic), vacation club, Aulani and cruise ship promo exhibits (again).

            Of course, there will probably be the Imagineering Store, selling off all the excess merchandise they've accumulated over the year.

            Then again, there are people who just want to get in line for any of the various presentations.

            Maybe they should just skip this year. Maybe they will have something worthwhile by next year.


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              Re: D23 Announces Treasures of the Walt Disney Archives for Summer Expo

              wha???? I just bought my d23 membership and I was hoping to see actual archive goodies but now this?!?! I may be happy to see Mary Poppins props and Wizard of Oz, despite the cross promotion but I can't stand Once Upon A Time and will more than likely walk right past those glass cubes. That show is still on the air, how are they "treasures" or "archives".

              They really should replace Once Upon A Time with another Disney classic and just give Once Upon A Time its own space of boxed glass displays around the floor.

              I'm so disappointed with this OUaT move.

              But the positive is I'll spend less time in this area needing to only see 2/3 of this area!

              ZOMG! I just re-read the article and they are going to have props from Return To Oz!!! My favorite Oz film of them all. YES!
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                Re: D23 Announces Treasures of the Walt Disney Archives for Summer Expo

                This is going to be my first convention and I saw the display that they had at the Reagan Museum. Reagan was not that good, I found the actual Museum displays more interesting than what they had for the Disney portion. I will judge it when I'm there.
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