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Imagineering Play Test - The hunt for Jujus


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  • [Review] Imagineering Play Test - The hunt for Jujus

    For those of you who went into the Parks and Resorts pavilion, you may have noticed the play test that was taking place the entire weekend.

    The Adventure Telegraph Company was doling out quests and scavenger hunts to those who were interested. Some came with the cost of $5, while others wound up being free.

    The idea behind it was this: by purchasing one of the "telegraphs," you were lead on a journey through out the expo to find and explore the various different things described, in order to find the corresponding juju.

    Between myself and my friends, we managed to complete all of them in one way or another.

    For the most part, the quests were easy; it was mostly of the "go here and do A, B, and C" variety. They were simple and easy enough for anyone to complete. Sometimes, you had to find the telegraph company post on the third floor, other times you had to perform an action, and finally, some you had to look for ransom notes all over the expo. Simple stuff. Your reward at the end was one of many jujus, one for each corresponding quest.

    Some of the quests gave you the telegraph and guidelines, but also the juju itself right up front, thus negating any real reason to do the quest, other than for something to do.

    You also had the ability to play for the free ones. For example, after a quest, you could come back and explain your story to the guide, who would then give you the story telling juju. Also, while waiting in line, one of the guides came over, offering a trade: the bird juju for another item with a story. I had a spare pin that I got from the WDFM booth earlier in the day on me, so I told her the story of how I acquired said pin from the mystical land of San Fran. Afterward, she gladly traded me the pin for the bird juju, free of charge!

    The hardest quest was the one that sent you all over the expo to find ingredients for Trader Sam. In order to complete this quest, you had to make your way over to Trader Sam's at the Disneyland Hotel to tell him all the ingredients and then recieve your juju.

    Overall, it was a nice, easy distraction during the weekend.

    Did anyone else do them?
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    Re: Imagineering Play Test - The hunt for Jujus

    While I didn't get to play, I saw a lot of folks wearing the little juju. Sounds like a fun adventure. But how many of you actually had time to do this? Would be great if they offered something similar at Disneyland.

    And am I the only one who thinks of Joe Rhode when I see the juju? Looks like the sort of thing he's hang from his ears. ;-)
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      Re: Imagineering Play Test - The hunt for Jujus

      I saw this and while I thought it was fun, I didn't have time for it. i would love to play it at Disneyland and maybe they will offer it someday.
      My favorite juju was the parrot.


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