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D23 Expo - Sorcerer Package Tote Bags


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  • [Question] D23 Expo - Sorcerer Package Tote Bags

    I've heard alot about the perks that were given to the Sorcerer Package members, in particuler the tote bags that came with alot of goodies inside. But despite my best efforts, I've not found any pictures of the packages. Does anyone who is or knows a Sorcerer Package member who got the tote bag please tell me or show me what lay inside the magic bag, aswell as some of the other goodies you guys got as part of your ticket?

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    Re: D23 Expo - Sorcerer Package Tote Bags

    My wife and I were Sorcerers and got a bag each. I will try to remember some of it:

    - The bag is made from the 2011 Expo vinyl banners that were hanging outside
    - Lithograph of Mickey with the 2013 Expo logo
    - Vinylmation keychains (also available in stores to buy... not rare)
    - Radio Disney award vinylmation (also available in stores to buy... not rare)
    - Scuttle figurine from Little Mermaid (also available in stores to buy... not rare)
    - Random pin attached to a Mickey's Halloween Party pamphlet (also available in stores to buy... not rare)
    - A hardcover copy of the Legends Ceremony book (the one they gave out to the actual Legends and families was a softcover)
    - A Sorcerer jumbo pin with a number of characters on it with a cool red box (Pin Pics: View Pin 97581)
    - A coupon for 40% off the most expensive item you buy at the WDI store at the Expo
    - A coupon to buy the WDI Sorcerer-only pin at the Expo (Pin Pics: View Pin 97624)
    - A set of Legends wine decanter and tumbler glasses with etching on the glasses saying Legends Ceremony (same ones were give out to actual Legends and families)
    - Red D23 writing journal
    - A pack of Disney Studio Collectors cards (contains card #175 of Marry Poppins, which has yet been released to the public)
    - H2O Lotions
    - $15 gift card to the Disney Music Store
    - Coupon for a free massage

    If you want a few more pictures, someone else posted a small blog about what he got:

    D23 Expo: Sorcerer Swag | Epic Mikey

    The best part about the tickets though wasn't the swag, it was this:

    - Our Expo actually started on Thursday, not Friday. (more about what went on Thursday below)

    - Our own private Sorcerers Lounge to chill out in when we needed a break. Quite, lots of seats.

    - Free daily bag check. So nice not to lug around bags all day.

    - Reserved seating at ALL panels, especially the ones at D23 Arena. We were able to arrive 15 minutes before any panel/event started and get a seat in the very front. EVERY time.

    - Tour of the showroom floor on Thursday while it was being built. We saw the Tomorrowland area before it was announced because we were able to see through the curtains pretty clearly.

    - Shopping at the D23 Dream Store on Thursday, which included artist signings that day.

    - Shopping on Thursday at the Disney Store, and then allowed to be first in live every morning at the Disney Store Fri-Sun. This allowed us to get all the really rare items (which I love because I collect Disney stuff).

    - Early access of the Walt Disney Archives exhibit. Basically no one was in there (since there was only 300 of us) so we got to walk right in and browse with no crowds.

    - Early access of the main silent auction with no crowds (I ended up winning the gigantic Sid banner from Toy Story over by the Collectors Forum and Dream Store by the way).

    - Pre-Expo shopping and reserving items online via Random Selection Process for 1-of-a-kind items.

    - Disney Store silent auction for 9 rare items.

    - Desert reception Thursday night on the room of the convention center to watch the fireworks.

    - Imagineering Reception in the Sorcerers Lounge on Friday. Got to meet and chat with many imagineers as well as the head of Disney Parks & Resorts. Included fantastic food and cupcakes.

    - Found Farewell on Friday by Steven Clark, head of D23 and the Walt Disney Archives, who chatted with guests while we ate more cupcakes. Some of the higher level D23 staff was there.

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      Re: D23 Expo - Sorcerer Package Tote Bags

      Sounds like the package was worth the price. I would love to have a copy of the Legends book.


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        Re: D23 Expo - Sorcerer Package Tote Bags

        I have tried every year to get this but they sell out instantly!


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