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Article:D23 Expo suffers from unprepared staff problems and poor planning


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  • Article:D23 Expo suffers from unprepared staff problems and poor planning

    D23 Expo suffers from unprepared staff problems and poor planning - Los Angeles Geek Culture |
    Anybody else agree? I know I do

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    Re: Article23 Expo suffers from unprepared staff problems and poor planning

    Most definitely.
    My friends and I are all Gold D23 members. On Friday we waited almost 2 hours just to get in and in unrelenting heat. We missed most of the one one panel we all really wanted to see which was the Muppets.
    Saturday, I left my house at 5:30am because I knew it was a sold out day. I was utilizing the Toy Story parking lot. In hindsight I should have used Mickey and Friends and walked over to the convention center that day. Toy Story opens up at 7am no matter what not even with the cars spilling out to Harbor. They opened up late (5mins) and then had everyone park in the employee lot (K lot) or pay the $15 for convention parking. At least when I finally made it over to the Convention Center, the CM's were scanning everyone's badges as they stood in line.
    The bags that were handed out to the convention goers ripped easily. We tried on Saturday to get replacements but they refused to give us one unless we returned the ripped ones (which we had tossed out at home). Our badges had been marked on Friday when we received the first ones so they wouldn't give us another bag. We were able to get replacements on Sunday though. I know there are problems with hoarding, but there was more than enough to go around.
    The trading cards were nice but the distribution turned disastrous. In each program one got a couple of cards to start off and throughout the convention floor, there were various distribution points to get more cards.
    The problem occured when an announcement was made over the app about a surprise distribution of a special card. They didn't always pick the best spot to distribute the cards. Sunday afternoon they decided to distribute one of the harder to find cards right by the entry/exit of the floor. A mob scene occurred and the CM that was trying to hand out the card nearly got trampled as did a few guests. The expo stopped distributing the cards after that. I wasn't able to complete my set and I am not sure how I am going to short of paying eBay prices.
    I think the worst decision however, was the allowing of camping out overnight for the panels and stores. Most of the good exclusive merchandise was in the Disney Store. Unless you camped out overnight, you didn't get in without waiting for hours and even then that wasn't a guarantee. i have seen from Facebook postings that people who didn't camp out got in line with friends that did and not just one extra person, but several. This is the second expo that I never made it into the Disney Store.
    I will say that we noticed a lot more actual Disneyland Resort cast members working the convention floor this year and that was a huge leap forward from expos past. Kudos to them, they put up with a lot.
    The main floor layout was a bit confusing especially with the Emporium sellers. They were split into three sections and imo it didn't work.
    I also ran into a vendor selling Expo exclusive merchandise at seriously inflated prices. They are not allowed to sell Expo exclusive merchandise on the show floor. I reported the vendor to Guest Services. I appreciated that the Plaid took my concerns seriously.
    Overall the experience was good and I credit to being with friends as opposed to being alone. The heat and lack of food/fluids got to me on Monday.


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      Re: Article23 Expo suffers from unprepared staff problems and poor planning

      I'm surprised more people aren't chiming in on this. Every person I talked to at the Expo had at least one horror story about the lines. Friday, we were 7th in line in the General Member Admission line, (We were denied the early admission that was promised when we bought our tickets a year ago) we waited over 3 hours in the sun before they let us in. When we got to our panel,(40 minutes into it) the place was half-full. The only way we are going back to an expo is if they hire a new management company!
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        Re: Article23 Expo suffers from unprepared staff problems and poor planning

        The last 2013 Expo went really well. We got stage passes and even shopped in the stores we wanted. So I wasn't worried this time. Got to the Con at 8:00AM on Sat. We were in the D23 members line melting in the hot sun and waited almost 2 hours to get inside. I texted a friend who was going all 3 days while we waited in line. He said they were already in line for the first big panel. When we got inside we went straight for the Stage/store pass area which was packed and were told they were not available. So we headed for the Mickeys Of Glendale store. Good thing we were members because the first hour was only for members. We waited an hour to get inside. Most of the apparel was junior skinny girl sized shirts :-( Why? I did find one XL that would fit me of a bland Disneyland design(which I shouldn't have bought).

        The Shanghai pavilion was amazing. The trading card thing was fun and I got a lot. The line for the Dream Store was only about 30 minuted. And I was able to get a shirt of the Expo logo. But I am really bummed that I didn't even see the pressed penny machine that was reported(read about LATER) to be INSIDE the Dream store. Ugh! >:-[

        We were able to get a Stage pass for the Toy Story panel. It was really good: John Lasseter with 9 of the filmmakers telling stories about making those films. :-) We saw the AP notification that the Hatbox Ghost card was given out while we were in the TS panel. When we came out they were gone. I WAS able to trade for it later. But I had to give up my Darth Vader for it. Whatever!

        We never got to see the Archives because the line was too long. As was the Share a Coke line. I was hoping it would be the special Disneyland Coke BOTTLES that I had seen a pic of from back in May. But it was the Coke can that could be acquired elsewhere. So we didn't attempt that line.

        I just don't understand how Disney could botch up line control, crowds, stores and all that when this is the 4th Expo!!!! We WILL go again next time. But I think we'll do 2 days to be able to do all we want. Ooh, that's just what Disney wants to hear. Why change it if guests will return and buy more day tickets? Ugh!


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          Re: Article23 Expo suffers from unprepared staff problems and poor planning

          I saw the pressed penny machine while at the Dream Store. Unfortunately it was out of order! So I was never able to get any pressed pennies. I wonder if they bothered to fix the machine.


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            Re: Article23 Expo suffers from unprepared staff problems and poor planning

            Anyone catch the brawl on Friday at Mickeys Of Glendale? Glad security moves fast.--- Also on the 30 card quest, come Sunday EVERYONE was waiting on the release of the Small World Hippo. ONE GUY comes out with a box of them near the entrance a near riot ensues, and several people were nearly trampled. Including the poor guy holding the box.

            I have learned from all the past Expo's to expect nothing. Then whatever I get to see or buy, is a plus. So I had a great time for the most part.
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