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    I just shredded my D23 Gold Membership card. So mad at them. Bought tickets to the D23 Expo, could not even get into the convention center. Three hour line to get in. No customer service reps outside the building. If we HAD gotten inside there were up to four hour lines for different events. Called the customer service line, told them I could not even get inside the building. No refunds. Basically told to go pound sand. That was all I needed to hear. I had been a D23 member for three years. They do not care. Was told a supervisor would contact me. No one ever did. Flew home, shredded my unused tickets. Shredded my D23 Gold Membership card. Wiser now. Save your money.

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    From my experience it'd be a good idea to have lunch elsewhere as for me they're always gone by then and except for anything in Hall D23 even if you arrive late to most for the panels there are usually at least a few seats left. And Stagepass lines move pretty fast and I didn't have one panel I wanted to go to Unavailable for a Stagepass.
    I want a refund


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      This was my first year. I think to enjoy the D23 Expo you need to have realistic expectations. Waiting in long lines is a required part of that, and you need to plan. I saw what I wanted to see and do, but if you expect to walk into anything, you'll be disappointed. You need to start your day EARLY. It is definitely not for everyone...


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        it has been interesting seeing the popularity of this just blow up. my first expo I got there like two hours before and the line outside was not long at all, the next two we had to be there by four to get a good spot in line and this year people were lining up like at ten in the morning the day before it started and at oneish when we got there to pick up our tickets the line of people was already super long.