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Audiobooks/books on tape-suggestions?


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  • Audiobooks/books on tape-suggestions?

    Anyone have any suggestions for some good audiobooks/books on tape/cd? I'm doing a 4 day road trip to Washington (as close to Canada as feasible. I'm moving up there...) and I just realized the car I'm taking doesn't get AM radio (which ruins my plan to listen to Radio Disney.). So I'm stuck with my CD collection or audiobooks to keep me entertained. Any good ones? Any not so good ones? Anything long but not boring? I need 20-21 hours of entertainment...

    Normally I read chick-lit. I like fiction overall, just not 1950s Americana (for some reason that grates on me). So I'm pretty open. I'm even thinking of getting some educational stuff on the body if anyone knows anything good there (kidneys especially.).

    Thank you!

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    Re: Audiobooks/books on tape-suggestions?

    If you've never read Harry Potter before (or even if you have), Jim Dale, the guy who reads the audiobooks, is amazing. I'd read the books 3 times, then heard one of the audiobooks and had to listen to the rest of them, cuz he was so good.

    The Golden Compass is also a great audiobook. It's read by a full cast, which makes it that much more entertaining. I just finished Airborne, which is that kind of low fantasy as well, and it too was read by a full cast. The reading wasnt quite as good as Golden Compass (but that's not saying much cuz GC was REALLY good), but it's a very good and entertaining story.

    Personally I cant stand the way chick lit is typically read. I prefer to read the print for that genre.

    Edit: Oops, I just realized this thread is two months old and you're probably long done with your road trip. LOL. Well, future reference anyway. XD


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