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Musically Inclined MICECHATTERS


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  • Musically Inclined MICECHATTERS

    I'd like to see who else out in the MiceChat universe is musically inclined. Do you play an instrument or sing or anything of the sorts? If so, what do you do, how long have you been doing it, have you been in a band, would you like to be in one, etc etc.

    (Just fyi, all you Guitar Hero and Rock Band high-scorers out there, we're talking about REAL musical talent )

    As for me...

    I've been programming music (ACID Pro) since 1999
    I play bass guitar, although I'm not that fantastic at it and I no longer own one (although I'd like to get one, again).
    I currently play keyboard (I own a KORG TR-61). The ex lead singer of Four Star Youth and I are currently putting a band together with him on vocals and myself behind the keys (we're LA/OC based if you're interested).
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    re: Musically Inclined MICECHATTERS

    I used to play the clarinet. I loved it. I still can play it, as in I know how, but I now have tendinitis in my right arm so it's to painful to play.

    I've always wanted to learn how to play the piano.


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      re: Musically Inclined MICECHATTERS

      Started playing violin in elementary school through high school. Pick it up once in a while, not too often.

      Have been involved in some sort of choir since elementary school.

      The past year I've been teaching myself guitar. I'm getting better.
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        re: Musically Inclined MICECHATTERS

        I'm neither musically enclined, or inclined


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          re: Musically Inclined MICECHATTERS

          Originally posted by Jon Autopsy View Post
          (Just fyi, all you Guitar Hero and Rock Band high-scorers out there, we're talking about REAL musical talent )
          Aww, man!

          You mean getting 130,000 points on Expert on Hotel California isn't being musically inclined?

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            re: Musically Inclined MICECHATTERS

            I started voice lessons when I was 5. All my life I have struggled with worrying about people thinking I was stuck up for admitting I'm pretty good so right now, call me stuck up, but I'm damn good

            3 parts soild. I call myself a mezzo sopi, but I can sing tenor, alto, sopi. I used to sing to a F above staff, but no longer, I'm WAY out of pratice, so now I'm only at a D above staff ah ell so is life, maybe I'll get back into the real stuff someday not just singing with the radio.


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              re: Musically Inclined MICECHATTERS

              In order of which they happened:

              -Mickey Mouse snare drum with one drum stick (toddler)
              -Piano (early grade school)
              -Trumpet (late grade school)
              -Baritone / Euphonium (8th grade onwards)
              -Bass Trombone (Freshman college)
              -Euphonium (onwards)

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                re: Musically Inclined MICECHATTERS

                I sing, and just like krystledm, I am a mezzo soprano. I haven't had a voice lesson in 2 years and you can tell. But everyday, I do scales in the shower and practice my annunciation.

                - Clarinet
                - Bass clarinet
                - Flute
                - Piccolo
                - Bass guitar
                - Guitar

                This makes me miss marching band again


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                  re: Musically Inclined MICECHATTERS

                  I play piano, electric bass and French horn. Right now, I'm second horn in the Austin Symphony and I've also been getting to sub some in the revival of South Pacific that's at Lincoln Center here in NY.


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                    re: Musically Inclined MICECHATTERS

                    I've been playing piano for 23 years now. Dabbled in guitar, but nothing special there.

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                      re: Musically Inclined MICECHATTERS

                      I've been playing Bass for almost 20 years.

                      Well, I guess I should say 15 as I haven't played in about 5 years. But I'm sure I could pick it up quickly again.

                      I also used to play Drums, Guitar and Piano.


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                        re: Musically Inclined MICECHATTERS

                        I've never had voice lessons. But I've been told I sound like Stephanie Mills. For you youngins' look her up on youtube. Look for the song "Home" Its from the movie "The Wiz" Thats my fave song to sing. Very soulful but not like some who starts yelling ( I hate that) just kind of effortless. Its a nice gift to have.
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                          re: Musically Inclined MICECHATTERS

                          I have a M.Mus. degree. Was a music teacher early in my teaching career, sung in many choirs and ensembles since I was little, occasionally directed. A couple of barbershop quartets. Even did some small roles in musical theater.
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                            re: Musically Inclined MICECHATTERS

                            I play Piano, drums, ok Bass and my first love Guitar.

                            I've been in a few bands, mostly through high-school into my early and mid twenties. Released an EP locally. Got a chance to open for The Nitty Gritty Dirt band and Billy Joe Royal ("Down in the Boondocks), but since 2000 i have not played live except for friends' parties and campfires.

                            I still fool around on my Fender strat, SRV limited edition with TEX-Mex pickups and a Gretsch wide body SparkleJet.
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                              re: Musically Inclined MICECHATTERS

                              I play Clarinet and Sax. I also know a little Piano. When he grows up, he wants to be a big one. XD


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