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Online Streaming Music Channels in PC


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  • Online Streaming Music Channels in PC

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    Re: Online Streaming Music Channels in PC

    I've been using Pandora.
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      Re: Online Streaming Music Channels in PC

      I use for nonoffensive pop. has great selections and on rare occasions, I'll listen to for pop.

      Hope that helps,
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        Re: Online Streaming Music Channels in PC - Listen to free music with internet radio and the largest music catalogue online is a good site if you want to listen to music and also have what you listen to tracked for and kept in a record. You can go to mine in my signature.


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          Re: Online Streaming Music Channels in PC

          Radio Nigel - Alt 80s Punk New Wave

          They play 80's new wave & obscure 80's stuff. It's awesome. I've been listening to them for years.


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            Re: Online Streaming Music Channels in PC

            For those that love the "Great American Songbook" in true "lounge lizard" fashion....

            Martini In the Morning with Brad "Martini" Chambers, who some here may remember as the host of a morning show in LA on 570, and later 690, until the format was taken off the air (I do believe he is back on "terrestrial" radio in Phoenix)....

            And for great oldies, complete with the original "liners" and jingles of some of the great radio stations of a golden era of rock and roll...

            From his shack in San Diego, Rich "Brother" Robbins with richbroradio...

            I grew up listening to, among others, "Boss Radio 93 (AM, of course) KHJ Los Angeles". Some of the older folks here may remember WRKO in Boston, or WABC, the beast of the east in NYC, or CKLW in Canada (covering Detroit and a wide area...those stations and others are remember here).

            And to those younger, I suggest you give this an extended listen to a) hear some songs most "oldies" stations don't play, and also to get a taste of what Top 40 radio was like in its heyday.

            -- Barry
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