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  • Best Albums of the Decade

    With the Decade winding down, I figured we could start our "Best of" lists.

    This decade was a little weird for music. There was no new "It" genre as there was in the 90's (Grunge). No "It" bands that simply exploded on the scene and disappeared as quickly (Nirvana). There were some really great albums, but unfortunately for most of society, they weren't to be found in the mainstream.

    Sure, certain new artists came around that I think made it big and should have such as Jack Johnson, John Mayer, TV on the Radio, Coldplay, etc. But for everyone of those you have 5 J-Lo's, Christina Aguilera's or Britney Spears.

    My favorites in no particular order:

    Radiohead - Kid A
    No Doubt - Rock Steady
    Tool - Lateralus
    Coldplay - A Rush of Blood to the Head
    Porcupine Tree - In Absentia
    Rush - Vapor Trails
    Linkin Park - Meteora
    The Mars Volta - De-Loused in the Comatorium
    The White Stripes - Elephant
    Bad Religion - The Empire Strikes First
    The Cure - Bloodflowers
    Green Day - American Idiot
    The Killers - Hot Fuss
    The Secret Machines - Now Here is Nowhere
    The All American Rejects - Move Along
    Foo Fighters - In Your Honor
    Jack Johnson - In Between Dreams
    LCD Soundsystem - LCD Soundsystem
    NIN - With Teeth
    Porcupine Tree - Deadwing
    System of a Down - Hypnotize/Mezmerize
    30 Seconds to Mars - A Beautiful Lie
    The Beatles - Love Soundtrack
    LCD Soundsystem - Sound of Silver
    Tool - 10,000 days
    The Levellers - Levelling the Land
    NIN - Year Zero
    Porcupine Tree - Fear of a Blank Planet
    Radiohead - In Rainbows
    Rush - Snakes and Arrows
    They Might Be Giants - The Else
    B52's - Funplex
    The Bird and the Bee - Ray Guns are not the future
    Death Cab For Cutie - Narrow Stairs
    Fleet Foxes - Fleet Foxes
    TV On the Radio - Dear Science
    Weezer - Red Album
    The Decemberists - The Hazards of Love
    Morrissey - Years of Refusal
    Porcupine Tree - The Incident

    I'm sure I'll think of some more before the decade is over.

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    Re: Best Albums of the Decade

    Oooohh I'm with you on several of those. Here are some of my picks:

    Muse - The Resistance
    U2 - How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb
    NIN - With Teeth
    NIN - The Slip
    LCD Soundsystem - Sound of Silver
    The Killers - Hot Fuss
    Duran Duran - Astronaut
    Rock Kills Kid - Are You Nervous?
    Pet Shop Boys - Yes
    Orson - Culture Vultures
    Moving Units - Hexes for Exes
    VHS or BETA - Night on Fire
    Keane - Perfect Symmetry
    Acceptance - Phantoms
    Scissor Sisters - Ta-Dah!
    We the Kings - We the Kings
    Partie Traumatic - Black Kids

    And my pick for best album of the decade that never was:

    Protocol - Rules of Engagement (the band broke up before the album could be released)


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      Re: Best Albums of the Decade

      Originally posted by sir clinksalot View Post
      No Doubt - Rock Steady
      I know that they are back together and playing but when will they release any new music?


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        Re: Best Albums of the Decade

        The White Album remaster!


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          Re: Best Albums of the Decade

          Godspeed You! Black Emperor: Lift Your Skinny Fists Like Antennas To Heaven (2000)

          This is not your normal rock album. Instead, it plays out like a symphony with movements instead of songs. A blend of ambient pop, orchestral rock, space rock, and lush string arrangements, each movement builds slowly until eventually hitting a crecendo. Yes, there are worded parts, but they're all spoken. It's a masterpiece of the new millenium.

          Top Songs: Storm, Static, Antennas To Heaven

          Ayreon: The Dream Sequencer (2000)

          A concept album about a person who happens to be the last man alive after Mars was drained of it's recources during a war and ends up spending his life in a dream sequencer showing periods of time to make up for being alone. It sounds campy, and it is, but with its textural soundscapes enhanced by sweet-tempered vocals, layered synths, and seductive melodies that skirt the fringes of ambient electronica and classic progressive rock, it's hard to deny it's a masterpiece of the new millenium.

          Top Songs: My House On Mars, The Shooting Company Of Captain Frans B. Cocq, Carried By The Wind

          Muse: Origin Of Symmetry (2001)

          A feast of alternative rock mixed with neo-prog and electronic effects giving the album it's spacy ambience, it is definatly their masterpiece, and is a masterpiece of the new millenium.

          Top Songs: New Born, Bliss, Citizen Erased

          Opeth: Blackwater Park (2001)

          A blend of death/doom metal mixed with jazz and classical influences, this is a very dark and gloomy album, yet at the same time one of the most accessible of its genre, and a masterpiece of the new millenium.

          Top Songs: The Leper Affinity, Harvest, The Drapery Falls

          Tool: Lateralus (2001)

          There are two words that come to mind with this album; pretentious and self-indulgent, with time signatures changing no longer than seconds or a minute at most. Their songwriting has matured greatly in their absence, coming back stronger than ever. Yet for such a complex album, it has been praised with great success, and is a masterpiece of the new millenium.

          Top Songs: Schism, Parabola, Reflection

          Linkin Park: Hybrid Theory (2001)

          Although this band has enjoyed mainstream success, it is one of the few modern bands that have hit the top 40 to have the creativity to forge an all original sound, blending nu-metal, rap, and industrial together seamlessly. This is their best work, and a masterpiece of the new millenium.

          Top Songs: Papercut, One Step Closer, Crawling

          Coldplay: A Rush Of Blood To The Head (2002)

          A refreshing sound harkening to the days of late 70's post-punk with modern alternative and up to date keyboard effects, these four Brits have really come to their own with an original sound. Although many copy-cat bands were to form after this release, none of them could ever top one of the masterpieces of the new millenium.

          Top Songs: Politik, God Put A Smile Upon Your Face, Clocks

          Spock's Beard: Snow (2002)

          What would happen if The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway was recorded today? It would probably end up sounding similar to this. A concept album based on a teenage albino kid's journey in New York City (hmm...sounds familiar), this album goes through intense moments from hard riff-driven songs, instrumental workouts, and soft acoustic passages. An overall satisfying musical journey, it's a masterpiece of the new millenium.

          Top Songs: Made Alive/Overture, Long Time Suffering, Devil's Got My Throat

          Pain Of Salvation: Remedy Lane (2002)

          A raw emotional powerhouse, this album has a concept about life, loss, grief, death, and the fine line between love and sex. The music is never self-indulgent, with the perfect mix of prog and pop sensibilities, making this a masterpiece of the new millenium.

          Top Songs: A Trace Of Blood, Undertow, Beyond The Pale

          The Mars Volta: Frances The Mute (2005)

          At first listen, one can tell that their sound has evolved. Shedding most of their punk influences, they now sound like a fusion of Santana and King Crimson. They have also hired a large number of musicians and have included the use of bi-lingual lyrics to help drive the story and the music into higher places. So high, it is a masterpiece of the new millenium.

          Top Songs: Cygnus...Vismund Cygnus, The Widow, L'Via L'Viaquez

          Riverside: Second Life Syndrome (2005)

          Ambience, feeling, and emotion...with a kick. Ethereal keys with slow, ghostly guitars to hard hitting metallic climaxes, the songs don't sway and swoon...they bob, weave and explode with action while still retaining a mysterious broody mystique to them. A fine release, and a masterpiece of the new millenium.

          Top Songs: Volte-Face, Second Life Syndrome, Reality Dream III

          Kamelot: The Black Halo (2005)

          A concept album based on Faust, this album shatters the stereotype that all European influenced power metal is cheesy. It is in reality a beautiful and epic work of art. All the musicians are top notch, and the vocalist is one of the best of our time. This is truly a masterpiece of the new millenium.

          Top Songs: March Of Mephisto, When The Lights Are Down, Memento Mori

          Dream Theater: Octavarium (2005)

          Bashed by both critics and fans for not being heavy enough, this is in reality some of their best material. Although they are a bit lighter this time around, they combine their already successful formula with 70's prog rock and post-punk influences, driving this to become their best work of the decade, and a masterpiece of the new millenium.

          Top Songs: The Root Of All Evil, Panic Attack, Octavarium

          Between The Buried And Me: Colors (2007)

          What would happen if one were to fuse Pink Floyd, Yes, and Genesis with Death, Cynic, and Atheist? The answer would be Colors. As unorthodox as a mix as it may seem, it works well...really well that Colors blends them into each other as its own sound as a masterpiece of the new millenium.

          Top Songs: Informal Gluttony, Ants Of The Sky, White Walls

          Porcupine Tree: Fear Of A Blank Planet/Nil Recurring (2007)

          The adolecent kid sucked into drugs, sex, violence, boredom, and apathy. Along with the strong concept, the cerebral, atmospheric sound on this album remains enormously compelling from almost the first moment. It's one of the strongest releases they've done, and it's a
          masterpiece of the new millenium.

          Top Songs: Fear Of A Blank Planet, Anesthetize, What Happens Now?

          Radiohead: In Rainbows (2007)

          From a band that has revolutionized alternative rock, one thing they have done here is made a very accessible album while still retaining the ambient electronic layers and disjointedness that makes them who they are. It's a very stimulating synthesis of song-oriented material and abstract sounds, making this a masterpiece of the new millenium.

          Top Songs: 15 Step, The Reckoner, Jigsaw Falling Into Place

          The Decemberists: The Crane Wife (2007)

          Loosely based on a Japanese folk tale that concerns a crane, an arrow, a beautiful woman, and a whole lot of clandestine weaving, the album starts off building slowly off a simple folk melody before exploding into some serious power chords. The music builds with scottish melodies and sepia-toned imagery, ending up to be a masterpiece of the new millenium.

          Top Songs: The Crane Wife 3, The Island, The Perfect Crime #2

          Faunts: M4 (2007)

          Full of emotion and grandeur, weather it be soft or loud, this band knows how to write and take one on a journey. A sonic blend of Radiohead, Sigur Ros, and Tool, this is a masterpiece of the new millenium.

          Top Songs: M4 Pt. II, M4 Pt. I, Of Nature

          Black Mountain: In The Future (2008)

          There is no sophomore slump here. It's loaded with trippy neo-psych folk and rock tropes, but these are counterweighted with a drenched-in-prog-and-Sabbath-like riffery and knotty, multi-part structures entwined with acid-laced folk. It's a piece of work that sounds stuck in the 70's, yet sounds like it's appropriate for today too, and is a masterpiece of the new millenium.

          Top Songs: Tyrants, Wucan, Bright Lights

          White Lies: To Lose My Life (2009)

          The debut album by the dark, almost gothic alternative rockers, the album hints at old post-punk and new wave such as Magazine, Psychedelic Furs, and Depeche Mode. The music itself is morbid, but has a light ethereal feel to it, thus it is a masterpiece of the new millenium.

          Top Songs: Death, To Lose My Life, From The Stars


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            Re: Best Albums of the Decade

            No time right now to compile my list, but I must admit I'm annoyed by the dearth of inclusion of other musical genres like hip hop, country, world, R&B, blues, jazz, folk, and classical, so far at least.

            Off the top of my head, I'd have to include The Roots' Phrenology, Jay-Z's The Black Album, Talib Kweli's Quality, Kanye West's The College Dropout and Late Registration, Common's Be, Outkast's Stankonia, Missy Elliott's Under Construction, Jill Scott's Who Is Jill Scott? Words and Sounds Vol. 1 and Beautifully Human: Words and Sounds Vol. 2, Mary J. Blige's The Breakthrough, and Alicia Keys' Songs in A Minor and The Diary of Alicia Keys.


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              Re: Best Albums of the Decade

              The White Stripes - White Blood Cells
              The Arcade Fire - Funeral
              Wilco - Yankee Hotel Foxtrot
              Godspeed You Black Emperor - Lift Your Skinny Fists like Antennas to Heaven
              The New Pornographers - Electric Version, Twin Cinema
              Radiohead - Kid A, Hail to the Thief, In Rainbows, Amnesiac
              Interpol - Turn on the Bright Lights
              Cat Power - You are Free
              PJ Harvey - White Chalk
              Neko Case - Blacklisted
              Sufjan Stevens - Illinois, Greetings from Michigan
              The Flaming Lips - Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots
              The Decemberists - Picaresque
              Calexico - Feast of Wire
              Portishead - Third
              The Raveonettes - Lust Lust Lust

              more to come once I think of them...

              not that anyone asked but my favorites of '09 were:

              The Decemberists - The Hazards of Love
              Yeah Yeah Yeahs - It's Blitz
              Neko Case - Middle Cyclone
              Up soundtrack
              Grizzly Bear - Veckatimest
              The Flaming Lips - Embryonic


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                Re: Best Albums of the Decade

                I don't have much, but here's my list:

                AFI - Sing The Sorrow
                AFI - The Art of Drowning
                The Gaslight Anthem - The '59 Sound
                The Gaslight Anthem - Sink or Swim
                Modest Mouse- Good News For People Who Like Bad News
                The Lonely Island - Incredibad
                Murder By Death - In Bocca Al Lupo
                Tiger Army - Music From Regions Beyond

                That's it for now. I know there's more, but I'm le tired.


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                  Re: Best Albums of the Decade

                  Originally posted by sir clinksalot View Post

                  Radiohead - Kid A
                  I've wondered if this whole whole album was really good. I love Optimistic.

                  I have to go back a decade?

                  My favorites

                  Silversun Pickups-Swoon
                  Yeah Yeah Yeahs- Show your bones and It's Blitzed.
                  No Doubt-Rock Steady
                  Ludo-You're awful, I love you
                  Shiny Toy Guns-Season of Poison


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