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    During the various PBS Pledge Drives I am sure you have seen Celtic Women. They are a wonderful group but last year while spinning around the dial I saw a new group of guys called Celtic Thunder. I watched a bit of the show and liked it. So shortly after watching that bit of show I went on Amazon and found the DVD of that show. this is the complete concert which was shot in Dublin (the version shown on PBS is about an hour long, whereas the DVD Concert is over 2 hours long). I received the DVD, logged it in and put it in a box to watch later. Well its now a year later and I had still not watched it. Well, I just got a 38" HD 1080p Flat Screen TV and a Blu Ray player so the other night I decided to watch it to see how much difference a Blu Ray player does with regular DVD and really got into Celtic Thunder.

    This is an amazing group of 5 guys from all around Ireland. Each has a totally different style of singing and different accents depending on where they are from. The ages of the guys ranges from a bald guy who looks to be about 40ish, two "leading Man" type with dark hair who appear to be in their mid 30's. Then there are the two audience favorites, for different reasons. The first is a surfer with shaggy blond hair that all the teen girls go nuts over. And then there is Damien who is around 15 who just everyone loves. He has the most intense blue eyes I have ever seen and has a voice to rival any of the others. Totally different from his youthful appearance.

    Most of the music they sing are Irish songs of one type or another, but they also mix in popular ballads and some 50's rock songs that Damien does just because of his age, and he does them well. The menu also has Song Selection with a Bonus Song not shown in the Conert, and group interview and single performer interviews where the Irish accents really come out. Just for fun Damien, in the concert, sings the first verse of Come To Ireland in his native toungue, Gallic.

    All in all I am in love these performers and the concert. And just this last July 2009 they released a new DVD of a concert they did in Canada. The First Concert DVD was released in March 2008. Only 3 songs are repeated from the original show (which, by the way, was their first public appearance) by popular demand. They are very big in Ireland and have now toured Canada and performed at the White House. I highly recommend the DVD of the first concert which is simply titled "Celtic Thunder". If you like handsome young men who can sing great Irish ballads and Irish Fighting Songs, then you will love this DVD. I have watched it every night this week.
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