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World of Color Road Show Re-Mix

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  • World of Color Road Show Re-Mix

    I'm sure Pogo is crinching, LOL but Disney has done a remix of the World of Color road show, Pogo style. My favorite part starts at the 1:12 mark, love the tribal beat, with a hint of trance. Then at the 1:26 mark, the bass drops in with the introduction of the Chernabog segment from Fantasia is just pure rhythm to my ears & feet. My hometown, Sacramento (Old Sacramento) seems to be the focal point =0)
    [ame=]YouTube - World of Color Road Show Re-Mix[/ame]
    Wouldn't be cool if the real show used this mix at some point of the show? I can't get enough of that Chernabog mix in this, wish there was an LP version =)
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