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Upcoming new Disney book will celebrate Disney Parks Attraction Posters


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  • Upcoming new Disney book will celebrate Disney Parks Attraction Posters

    Upcoming new Disney book will celebrate Disney Parks Attraction Posters

    My friend Didier Ghez - who is the co-author of our Disneyland Paris "From sketch to reality" book and also one of the best Disney books historian - revealed recently on his Disney History blog that Disney Editions is working with WDI on a new book all dedicated to the beloved Disney parks attraction posters! As a matter of fact Didier learn about it from the Vintage Disneyland Goodies blog. It's not only a very good idea, but also a great news for any Disney fan!

    Why? Simply because the book will probably include Disneyland Paris attraction posters which are not available in the park - that's right since the park opening 18 years ago they've never been on sale at DLP stores. Mind you, after i've published my DLP book i tried several times to publish these DLP posters but it didn't worked, we didn't succeed to find an agreement with the park.

    So, no need to say that this new book will be highly awaited by all DLP fans. Of course the book will talk and show attraction posters for all Disney theme park around the world but i don't doubt that DLP posters will find their place in it. And of course rare posters of now extinct Disneyland attractions like this one of Tom Sawyer Island...

    ...or this one of "Adventure through Inner Space".

    I suppose we can expect to find also in the book WDW attraction posters of beloved rides, like this one of the WDW 20000 Leagues under the Sea ride...

    ...but also rare posters from Tokyo Disneyland like this one created for the Mickey Mouse Revue, an attraction not only extinct at WDW but also at TDL!

    New posters especially designed for Hong Kong Disneyland should probably be in the book too, like this one for HKDL Space Mountain...

    ...or this other for the Tomorrowland StarLiner Diner Restaurant.

    To come back to Disneyland Paris attraction posters let's hope that some of DLP great posters will be in the book, like this DLP version of the DL Big Thunder Mountain poster...

    ...not to mention DLP exclusive attraction posters like the one for Phantom Manor...

    ...or the great "Visionarium" poster, another beautiful one.

    There is just one little problem - for us, not for Disney Editions! Very probably the book size should be as big as The Art of Disneyland/WDW books, which would be logical as it would be ridiculous to do a book about attraction posters in small size. The good point is that each page should be big enough to be "framed" - which means, of course, that you'll have to "cut" the page of the attraction poster that you like particularly. The bad news is that once the page will be cut you'll have a "hole" in the book - not to mention that you may want to frame more than one! Which means that we will probably need to buy TWO copies of the book, one to keep in perfect condition, and one which can be used to frame some of the pages! Aren't they clever at Disney Editions? Anyway, although no official publishing date for this great book is known yet (but my feeling is that we can expect it for probably next year) let's welcome this attraction poster book with great pleasure as it is really a very good idea.

    I would like to end this article with a great gift for you, a super high-res scan - the original scan we did for my DLP book - of one of the most wanted Disneyland Paris attraction poster, the gorgeous one created for Discoveryland's Space Mountain. I'm sure you will enjoy it, don't you?

    All pictures: copyright Disney - Disney Enterprises Inc

    If you're looking for a great gift to offer to anyone you love - including yourself - the "Disneyland Paris, From Sketch to Reality" book with its 320 pages and 750 pictures - including 250 renderings from Walt Disney Imagineering - would be a GREAT gift for any Disney fan! I still have some copies of this hard to find book and, as i am one of the two authors of the book, each copy will be sign specially for you or anyone you wish. Of course, don't forget to tell me the name to whom you wish he dedicates the book.

    Price for one copy of the english updated edition (with the text in english) is 87 Euros + 15 euros shipping to any country. Payment can be done with Paypal.

    You can see some inside pages of the book on this D&M page HERE and to order the book please email me at:

    Paypal payment can be sent to:


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    Re: Upcoming new Disney book will celebrate Disney Parks Attraction Posters

    So, this book features all Disney attraction posters, for ALL Disney Parks?!?!?!?!!?

    WOW!!! This sounds fantastic!!!!
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      Re: Upcoming new Disney book will celebrate Disney Parks Attraction Posters

      I think this is going to be a great book sort of like the Nickel Dime Tour by Bruce Gordon and David Mumford.

      Can't wait!


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        Re: Upcoming new Disney book will celebrate Disney Parks Attraction Posters

        This looks... MAGNIFICENT and extremely interesting. I always love seeing the attraction posters at the park.

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